Top Ten Defenses for Actively Attacking a Sore Throat

Sore Throat Remedies

A bit of irony. I went to the clinic on Wednesday for my annual physical, and by evening I was experiencing a scratchy throat. By Thursday morning I had a razor-swallowing feeling in my throat along with a painful earache. Obviously, I caught a bug at the clinic. This blog details my plan of attack to defend myself from increasing pain and suffering.

1. Neti Pot - My neti pot is my friend. It routinely clears my sinuses with warmed salt water. I also did a salt water gargle (my mother's sore throat home remedy).

2. Steamy Shower - I sat in the shower for an extra LONG time. Yes, I sit in the shower. I use a shower seat because hot water and steam tends to drain my energy. Standing is fine if I am taking a military shower (quick in, quick out, reserving the water). Steam gives relief for painful sore throat, sinuses, and stressed lungs.

3. Raman Chicken Noodle Soup - Swallowing my saliva is painful so I am selective about my breakfast choices. My normal breakfast of oatmeal, congee, or over easy eggs just wouldn't do. Yogurt would have been okay, but I was out. What I really wanted was a salty throat soother right away. So, noodles for breakfast was the right ticket! Just for the record, my diet seldom includes Raman noodles or other salty broths, but I do keep some packages in my pantry for a quick remedy meant to sooth a sore throat. I also drank a tall glass of orange juice (vitamin C) using a bendy straw to soothe my raw throat. I always drink with a straw when I'm sick, it makes me feel happy.

4. Avoid Sugar - Whenever I get a cold or have other symptoms that may lower my immune defenses I'm vulnerable to a cold sore breakout. For this reason, I'm careful not to cave into comfort foods which are sugary drinks and treats. As much as sucking on a Popsicle would sooth my scratchy throat, I don't go that route. If I do get a cold sore any sugar in my system will feed it... making the blossom bigger, uglier, and prolong its life. I swallowed a couple of L-Lysine tabs (my personal preference for prevention and treatment of cold sore outbreak) and will continue taking this same dosage for the next 7-10 days. However, I did suck on a couple of Gin-Gins.

4. Cancel Plans - Since I caught this bug so quickly I realize contagion is a factor. It would be wrong for me to be around people and possibly pass on the nasty germ. I phone my Tai Chi instructor to explain why I'm ducking out on class. Luckily, I always keep my Thursdays free except for Tai Chi so I didn't have any other appointments to clear.

5. Apply Acupressure Points - Sinus points (B2, LI20, ST3) lung points (LU1 through LU11) and ear points ((Si19, GB2, TW21, TW17). I applied these twice, once in the morning and again in the early evening.

6. Plenty of Rest - This should go without explanation. But, often times people will stress their bodies by pushing themselves to march on like every other day when they are feeling sick. This is a big mistake. Better to take a slower pace. I took a half-hour nap and also went to bed early last night.

7. Recruit a Comfort Soldier - I sent my husband out on errand to get me some comfort aids, which included some saltine crackers and ginger ale. Plenty of fluids (watered down juices, herbal teas, etc.) are needed to treat cold symptoms. Saltines (soda and salt) treat both throat and tummy).

8. Eat Light - I made a pot of Heart Chakra Soup for our supper. Plus it will be my lunch for today. I love leftovers! This soup is super easy to make and easy to swallow. Yummy good and healthy too. A major plus is that my chakra soup is one of my husband's favorite meals... his reward for making the grocery run! I also ate a handful of grapes... but again, I wanted to limit my sugar intake, so only a few. Snacked on saltine crackers in the evening.

10. Sleep Alone - My husband and I normally sleep together but whenever one of us is sick we try to keep our distance. Sometimes it cannot be helped and we do pass germs back and forth, but taking precaution against it is wise. While in bed and before falling asleep I applied Self Reiki Hand Placements. Reiki is great for relaxation and bringing balance.

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