Natalie Grant Biography

Dove Female Vocalist of the Year and much more

Singer Natalie Grant performs at the Entertainment Industry Foundation's 9th Annual Revlon Run/Walk for Women
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Natalie Grant is a popular Christian music artist who was born on December 21, 1971.

Natalie Grant Quote

"Listen, I’m not a hero, I’m just human ... I wasted so many years worrying about things that don’t matter and striving for things that are just not that important. I admit that I have been way too self-involved and self-absorbed most days to even take notice of the rest of the world. But thank God he woke me from my selfish slumber and stirred me to action. I only have one life. I want to make it matter."
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Natalie Grant Biography

Christian artist Natalie Grant has a lot going for her. She isn't a big woman ... but she's got a big voice and a huge heart for God. She is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside and she has probably never taken a bad picture in her life. She has what Simon from American Idol refers to as the "it factor," but she's no diva. You can count on her music always being about the things of the Spirit and not the things of the world.

"I’m convinced that what people really want—from music and their lives—is depth," Natalie shared in her bio, "and I feel like I have a responsibility to take them there. So much pop music today is disposable—the attitudes, the posturing, the styles—but it seems to be less about music than it is about appearance, about fashion. Now, there’s nothing wrong with fashion—I love that stuff as much or more than the next girl—I just don’t want it to define me. But the deeper things in life—values, relationships, family, and my faith in Christ—they are what’s most attractive about a person. And they’re why I sing."

Natalie Grant News

Natalie Grant Starter Songs

  • "I Will Not Be Moved" 
  • "In Better Hands"
  • "No Sign of It" 
  • "Held"
  • "I Will Be" 
  • "Live For Today"

Natalie Grant Discography

  • Be One, 2015 
  • Hurricane, 2013 
  • Love Revolution, 2010 
  • Relentless, 2008 
  • Believe, 2005 
  • Awaken, 2005 
  • Worship With Natalie Grant and Friends, 2004
  • Deeper Life, 2003
  • Stronger, 2002 
  • Natalie Grant
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