108 Names of Lord Shiva

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 Here are the 108 names of the Hindu God Shiva gleaned from the Sri Shiva Ashtotattrashata Namavali mantra. It is believed that devotees, who read, memorize or chant these 108 auspicious names of Shiva with single-minded focus, will receive the blessing of the Lord and be shorn of all sins.

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108 Names of Lord Shiva (A-C)

Devotee at a Shiva Temple
Devotee at a Shiva Temple.


  • Ahirbhudhanya: The one who possess the Kundalini
  • Aja: The one who is boundless
  • Ambikanatha: Consort of Ambika, the Mother Goddess
  • Anagha: He who is pure
  • Ananta: The one who is unending
  • Andhakasura Sudana: The Lord who killed the demon Andhaka
  • Anekatma: The God who has many forms
  • Anishvara: The one who does not have any Lord
  • Apavargaprada: Lord who gives and takes all things
  • Ashtamurti: Lord who has eight forms
  • Avayaya: The one who never subject to change
  • Avayayat: The one who is unseen
  • Avyagra: Lord who is steady and unwavering
  • Bhagnetrabhid: The Lord who damaged Bhaga's eye
  • Bhagwan: The Lord of prosperity
  • Bhaktavatsala: The Lord who is always on the side his devotees
  • Bharga: Lord who ends all sins
  • Bhasmodhulitavigrah: The one who applies ashes all over the body
  • Bhava: The God who is existence itself
  • Bheema: The one who has a fearful form
  • Bhootapati: Lord of the Panchabhoota and evil spirits
  • Bujangabhushana: Lord adorned with the golden snake
  • Charuvikrama: The guardian of wandering pilgrims
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108 Names of Lord Shiva (D-L)

Shiva Protecting Parvati from the Demons
Shiva Protecting Parvati from the Demons.


  • Dakshadhwarahara: Destroyer of Daksha's conceited sacrifice or yajna
  • Deva: Lord of the devas or demigods
  • Digambara: Shiva whose robes is the cosmos
  • Durdharsha: The One who is unconquerable
  • Gananatha: God of the ganas
  • Gangadhar: The God who holds the Ganges river in his hair
  • Giridhanva: God whose weapon is a mountain
  • Giripriya: Lord who is fond of the mountains
  • Giriraj: King of the mountains
  • Girisha: The God who sleeps on Kailash mountain
  • Hara: The Lord who dissolves all bondage and sins
  • Hari: Same as Lord Vishnu
  • Havi: He who is wealthy in the form of ahuti
  • Hiranyareta: The one who emanates golden souls
  • Jagadguru: Guru of the universe
  • Jagadvyapi: God who permeates the entire world
  • Jattadhar: The God with matted locks or jata
  • Kailashavasi: Native of Kailash
  • Kalakal: One who is the death of deaths
  • Kamari: Enemy of Kamadeva
  • Kapali: One who wears a necklace of skulls
  • Kapardi: The Lord with thickly matted hair
  • Kathor: The God who has a strong body
  • Kawachi: The God who is armored
  • Khandaparshu: Lord with the broken axe
  • Khatvangi: The God who carries a knurled club or khatvanga
  • Kripanidhi: The God who is the treasure of compassion
  • Krittivas: God who wears clothes of elephant skin
  • Lalataksha: One who has an eye in the forehead
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108 Names of Lord Shiva (M-S)

Lord Shiva, the King of Mount Kailash
Lord Shiva, the King of Mount Kailash.


  • Mahadeva: Greatest of the Gods
  • Mahasenajanaka: Father of Kartikeya
  • Maheshwara: Lord of Gods
  • Mrida: The Lord who shows mercy
  • Mrigpani: Shiva with deer in hands
  • Mrityunjay: Lord who conquers death
  • Nilalohit: The one with red and blue colors
  • Panchavaktra: God of the five activities
  • Paramatma: Everyone's own soul
  • Parameshwar: The Great God
  • Parshuhasta: The God who holds axe in hands
  • Pashupati: Lord of animals
  • Pashvimochana: Lord who releases all fetters
  • Pinakin: One who has a bow in his hand
  • Prajapati: The creator of dynasty
  • Pramathadhipa: God who is served by goblins
  • Purarati: Destroyer of the enemy
  • Pushadantabhit: One who punished Pushan
  • Rudra: The one who gets sad by the pain of devotees
  • Sadashiva: The one who is eternally auspicious
  • Sahasrapada: The Lord who is standing and walking everywhere
  • Sahsraksha: One who has limitless forms
  • Samapriya: The one who loves with equality
  • Sarvagya: The one who knows everything
  • Satvik: Lord of boundless energy
  • Shambhu: One who bestows prosperity
  • Shankar: One who gives happiness and prosperity
  • Sharva: Remover of all troubles
  • Shashi Shekhar: The God who wears the crescent moon in his hair
  • Shashvat: Lord who is eternal and endless
  • Shipivishta: The Lord whose form emits great rays of light
  • Shitikantha: The Lord who has a white neck
  • Shiva: The Lord who is always pure
  • Shivapriya: Beloved of Parvati, the Mother Goddess
  • Shrikantha: The one of glorious neck
  • Shuddhavigraha: Lord of pure soul
  • Shulapani: The one who carries a trident
  • Som: The one who includes the form of Uma or Goddess Durga
  • Somasuryaagnilochana: The one who has eyes in the form of the sun, the moon, and fire
  • Sthanu: The firm and immovable deity
  • Sukshamatanu: God who has a subtle body
  • Swaramayi: The God who lives in all seven notes of music
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108 Names of Lord Shiva (T-Y)

A scene from the many stories of Shiva
A scene from the many stories of Shiva.


  • Tarak: The Lord who is great liberator of mankind
  • Trayimurti: Shiva who possesses the Veda form
  • Trilokesha: The Lord of all the three worlds
  • Tripurantak: The God who killed the demon Tripurasura
  • Ugra: The One who has extremely fierce nature
  • Vamadeva: The God who is pleasing and auspicious in every way
  • Veerabhadra: Who is violent , yet peaceful
  • Virupaksha: The Shiva with oblique eyes
  • Vishnuvallabha: The one who is dear to Lord Vishnu
  • Vishveshwara: Lord of the universe
  • Vrishanka: The God who has a flag with a symbol of bull
  • Vrishbharudh: The one who rides bull
  • Vyomakesh: Whose hair spreads in the sky
  • Yagyamaya: The architect of all sacrificial rites
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