How to Perform a New Moon Ritual

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The new moon is the birthing cycle of the moon's various phases. It is also an opportune time to attract your heartfelt longings by doing a moon ritual focused on manifestation.

Whereas the cycle of the full moon is a suitable time for purging old ways, the new moon phase is an optimal time for planning and seeding your intentions. Seedlings need a period of gestation before they break through the soil and reach for the sunlight. This is also true for cultivating our ideas and clearing the way for our visions to surface and become our new reality.

The dark side of the moon, with its mysterious unseen forces, offers a nurturing environment where our longings can establish roots. These miraculous manifestations begin to sprout and reach out to the stars as the moon continues its cycle.

Birthing Your Wishes and Desires

Prepare for your new moon ritual in advance by setting aside a few minutes each month during the new moon phase to focus on your wishes. This will help give you clarity of mind and fill your heart with promise.

When it comes to setting goals or planning ahead for your future, there is no better time to get started than during the new moon. Intentions and longings stated out loud or written down on paper, hold power, so please take care in considering those things that you truly want. The saying "Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it." is a fair warning whenever setting your new moon intentions into motion.

No worries, though, the moon has its phases and so do our individual wants and needs. This is why it is a good practice to rededicate your list of intentions each month when another new moon cycle returns for a visit.


The moon ritual is something that you can prepare for throughout the month. You might begin by keeping a moon phase calendar on hand to note the upcoming new moon. When the day comes, set aside 20 to 30 minutes or more to do the ritual itself.

Everyone will have a different approach to the new moon ritual and it's important that you tailor it to meet your needs. Unless you're part of a ritual group, feel free to include bits and pieces of all the suggestions as you see fit.

Some of the items you might gather include a notebook and pen for writing down your intentions. An assortment of candles is useful as these are magical objects, representing all four elements. Some people also find that meditation music helps them relax and maintain awareness during the ritual. Others find power in adding crystals and stones to an altar.

In addition, incense and smudging herbs will help you cleanse the air and your body before the ritual. Sage is particularly helpful and it has long been used by Native Americans to clear a space of negative energy while inviting positive feelings. Long smudge sticks work very well. You simply light one end and blow out the flame until it has a wonderful glow, then enjoy the perfumed smoke. 

You will also want to prepare a sacred space where you will perform the ceremony when the new moon arrives. This can be indoors or out but should be comfortable and free from distractions.

Center Your Being

When the new moon arrives, it is time to set your intentions in motion. Hopefully, you have given some thought to the longings you want to wish for. If not, take a few minutes to contemplate this. 

Many people prefer to begin their new moon ritual with a cleansing bath of sea salt and herbs. It is during this time that you can mentally prepare yourself for the upcoming ceremony and finalize your list of intentions.

When you are ready, begin by cleansing your sacred area with an opening prayer or meditation and by burning incensesmudging sage, or both. Light one or more candles. Choose colors that represent your birthing desires: green for prosperity, red for passion, orange for creativity, etc.

Take the time to become grounded in your thoughts. You can do this by visualizing roots extending from your body and all the way down to the core of the Earth. Allow the roots to reach back up through your feet and touch each chakra in your body.

Another word for grounding is centering. Essentially, you will center your being and calm yourself in whatever way is appropriate for you. Take some deep cleansing breaths, play some meditation music or leisurely sip on a cup of relaxing herbal tea.

No matter your approach, the goal is to clear your mind, calm your body, and remain in the moment. The now is all that matters and mindfulness on the ritual before you is your priority.

Setting Your Intentions in Motion

The first step in giving your new moon intentions momentum is to declare them. This may be done verbally, though many people find it best to write them down. This concretes the wish and gives you something to look at in the coming days and weeks. This list can also morph as your intentions are realized or evolve.

Open your notebook and date the first page. Write down an affirmation statement such as, "I accept these things or something better into my life now for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned."

Below this affirmation, begin writing down your desires. Your list may consist of a single item or you may fill several pages. Try not to limit yourself. If having many things in your life helps to fulfill you, then don't deny yourself these desires.

During the ritual, you can also incorporate symbolic acts and objects that pertain to your biggest dreams. Explore how you might be able to weave the elements, astrological symbols, planets, and symbolic herbs into your ritual.

Some people choose to physically send their desires off into the world. Actions like tying your list to a balloon and releasing it into the sky or burning the list on the end of a stick can be quite powerful.

As the month continues, keep track of your progress. Journal if you like or simply remain mindful of your list of intentions. When the full moon appears, take some sort of action on those big dreams. Even a small step can help and don't forget to celebrate the minor achievements, either.

Renewal and Manifestation

During the month, when an item on your new moon list comes to you, do not merely cross it off of your list. Take the time to rewrite the list in its entirety and eliminate the manifested item from the listing. Revising your master list in this way allows you to refocus on the intentions you have not realized while re-examining those that remain. 

At the same time, add whatever else you have decided you would like. Feel free to reword any of the original phrases to better suit your life as it is now. It is natural that your desires will change as time advances.

A second notebook can be used as a manifestation scrapbook. In it, you can draw, write, or paste pictures of items that you are wanting to manifest. It's similar to a vision board and should be a fun project to undertake, so enjoy yourself. You will soon be amazed how these things begin to find their way into your life after starting this process.

Rededicate Your Intentions

Each month, as the new moon returns, be sure to rededicate your intentions by renewing your list at a repeated ritual. This is accomplished by rewriting your list out using a fresh sheet of paper. Disregard any items that no longer feed your soul and add new things which will.

Try not to get in the habit of simply scratching out the items you no longer desire and adding the new stuff to the bottom of your old list. You don't want the energy of clutter and sloppiness messing up the path meant to deliver new stuff into your life. 

Include Minor Longings

It is also helpful to salt and pepper your manifest list with smaller items that will occur quickly. These may be such things as tickets to the ballet, lunch with a friend, or a day at the spa. You may think that smaller things are too trivial to put on your intention list, but these are important as well.​

Things that tend to manifest with less effort still deserve to be written down. Write down everything that you desire, no matter how small or simple. If it is something that makes you happy, write it down.

Manifesting smaller items on our lists creates a steady flow of chi and gives your list a boost. Each manifestation, no matter the significance, creates movement and allows a natural ebb and flow of the tides. We are dealing here with the moon cycles, after all.

Besides, sometimes we forget to appreciate the smaller pleasures in our lives while we wait for the big stuff to come our way. If you only write statements like, "I want to win the lottery" in your notebook, you are limiting yourself by not allowing abundance to flow to you from a multitude of avenues.

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