Miracles in Movies: 'Captive'

The Movie 'Captive' is based on True Story of Brian Nichols Ashley Smith Case

Brian Nichols arrest photo Captive
A news photo of Brian Nichols' arrest in 2005. The movie 'Captive' tells the story of miracles that happened when he held a single mother named Ashley Smith captive and she talked with him about God's purposes for people's lives. Davis Turner/Getty Images

Does God have a purpose for every person's life? Are some problems too big for God to solve? Are some sins too much for God to forgive? The miracle movie Captive (2015, Paramount Pictures) asks audiences those questions as it portrays the true story of escaped prisoner and killer Brian Nichols kidnapping drug addict Ashley Smith and the miracles that changed their lives.

The Plot

Captive is based on actual events that were in the news in 2005, when Brian Nichols (played in the movie by David Oyelowo) escaped from a courthouse in Atlanta, Georgia while on trial for rape and killed four people in the process. While on the run from police during a massive manhunt for him, Brian kidnapped Ashley Smith (played by Kate Mara). Ashley  (a drug addict and single mother whose husband had died from a drug-related incident) in order to use her apartment as a hiding place. 

The film shows how God uses the relationship between Brian and Ashley to encourage each of them to think about faith in deeper ways, leading to miracles of transformation in their lives. Ashley reads the best-selling book The Purpose-Driven Life by pastor Rick Warren to Brian, and the two consider the spiritual lessons from the Bible it contains. Ashley decides to rely on God to help her overcome addiction, while David relies on God's unconditional love to give him hope for the future despite his past grievous mistakes.

By the end of the film, Ashley and David both still face intense challenges yet are miraculously changed for the better and have the courage to make better choices in life moving forward.

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