A Prayer for Healing an Injury

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Do you need a miracle to heal from an injury? Powerful prayers that work for healing when your body has been injured are those that you pray with faith, believing that God can perform miracles and invite God or his messengers—angels—to do so in the situation you're facing.

Prayer for the Miracle of Healing

Here's an example of how to pray for miraculous healing to recover from an injury:

"Dear God, the wonderful Creator, thank you for giving me a body that works in all sorts of amazing ways. This injury I'm dealing with now makes me painfully aware that I'm not able to physically do everything you've designed my body to do. I confess that I've gotten discouraged by the loss of function I've suffered, and by the pain. I need your encouragement to help me get through however long I must deal with this injury. Please send me a fresh dose of encouragement through your messengers, the angels, whenever I need it. Ask Raphael, your leading angel of healing, to intervene in my case.
Please send me the miracle of your healing touch! I believe that you will respond to my prayer in whatever way is ultimately best. I understand that while you may indeed choose to heal me physically in some way -- likely through my medical care, but perhaps even supernaturally -- you may choose only to heal my soul (the eternal part of me) rather than my body (the temporary part of me). I welcome your healing work, however, it comes into my life. Thank you for your great power and your loving compassion for me! Amen."
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