Why Is Michael the Archangel of Fire?

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God has given several archangels supervisory duties over the four natural elements on Earth, believers say, and the angel who oversees fire is Archangel Michael. Here's a look at why Michael is the angel of fire, and how Michael's primary focus on truth and courage ties into working with fire:

Awakening to Truth

Fire enlightens the areas in which it burns. In the light of a fire, people are more aware of what's around them than they would be in darkness. Michael enlightens people's souls by awakening them to spiritual truth, giving them clarity on what is real about God, themselves, and others. After Michael guides people who are searching for truth and pray for spiritual discernment, they will discover truth revealed just as fire reveals what had previously been hidden in darkness.

"When we call upon the spirit of Michael," writes Mirabai Starr in her book Saint Michael the Archangel: Devotion, Prayers & Living Wisdom, "we are invoking the courage and strength to see the truth and live it, to hear the truth and share it, to know the truth and let it change us."

Burning Away Sins

Anything that comes into contact with the flames of fire will burn. Just as physical matter disintegrates in a fire, sins (attitudes and actions that are offensive to God and unhealthy for people) will burn out of people's souls and lives when they ask Michael to help them overcome those sins.

The intense heat of fire kills germs, which is why people can use fire to sterilize objects. Michael brings spiritual heat to people by bringing the dangerous germs of sin to their attention and urging them to purify their souls through holiness.

In the book Becoming the Archangel Michael's Companions: Rudolph Steiner's Challenge to the Younger Generation (a collection of his lectures), Rudolph Steiner says that Michael helps empower humans to conquer sin by making the right moral choices: "We must acquire the vision of Michael ... who shows us that, by uniting ourselves with the spiritual world, we can bring life again into a dead world through our moral impulses."

Protection from Evil

Since fire can destroy completely and is associated with evil and hell, fire also reminds people of Michael's work as heaven's top warrior angel, fighting evil with the greater power of good.

Michael helps those who ask him to overcome any evil that has affected any part of their lives. "More than anything else, Michael is known as the angel who rescues, protects, and safeguards," writes Doreen Virtue in her book The Miracles of Archangel Michael. "He's always depicted as a warrior, albeit a very peaceful and loving one."

Sparking Enthusiasm and Courage

The expression "on fire" for someone or something speaks of fire's blazing energy. Just as fire sparks new flames, Michael sparks enthusiasm for God and courage to follow wherever God leads. Michael gives people the passion they need to live fully (experiencing their best lives) and faithfully (standing up for their convictions to honor God).

In his book Michael: Communicating with the Archangel for Guidance and Protection, Richard Webster writes that Michael is "willing to give you all the courage you need to face any obstacle or challenge. No matter what sort of situation you find yourself within, Michael will give you the necessary courage and strength to deal with it."

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