Ten Step Meridian Tapping Sequence

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Meridian Tapping Points

Collage of Meridian Tapping Points
Collage of Meridian Tapping Points. Phylameana lila Desy

Meridian Tapping Techniques is an "umbrella" term that can be applied to several energy-based tapping therapies including Accutap, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Pro-ER (Progressive Emotional Release), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Net (Neuro Emotional Technique) and TFT (Thought Field Therapy).

How Meridian Tapping Works:

Meridian Tapping Techniques repair blockages or disturbances in the body's energy system created by negative emotions. A person chooses a specific emotion such as feeling anger, frustration, embarrassment, insult, or belittlement to focus on prior to the tapping session. During the tapping sequence the person focuses on the emotion to be reduced or cleared while also making positive statements to offset the negative emotions. The tapping of fingers tips on various points on the body release pent up energies.

Meridian Tapping Founder:

George Goodheart, a chiropractic doctor, is noted for first discovering that tapping the meridians (acupuncture points) was beneficial in the treatment of physical issues. Tapping was done with the finger tips as an alternative to using acupuncture needles. Australian psychiatrist, John Diamond, implemented verbal affirmations to coincide with Goodheart's tapping sequences. A third doctor, psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan who developed TFT added a third component: "focusing" on a negative emotion to clear away.

Benefits of MTT:

  • Optimism
  • Relaxation
  • Stress Relief
  • Peace of Mind
  • Calms Anxiety
  • Pain Management
  • Helps Resolve Emotional Issues
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Meridian Tapping Points - Karate Chop

meridian tapping points
Karote Chop Tapping Point. (c) Phylameana lila Desy

Karote Chop. Using two or three fingers tap the soft side of the hand between the wrist and little finger. 

A meridian tapping sequence begins with the Karote Chop.

All tapping is gentle, but with quick motions. Use tips or pads of your fingers for tapping. Tap six to ten times on each meridian point. To begin this ten step tapping sequence perform the "chopping tap" on both your hands.
Before you begin tapping, chose an emotional focus for the session. Pick an emotion that you would like to clear from your energy field. Verbalize the emotions you are feeling as you tap throughout the tapping sequence.

Emotional Focus Examples

  • I'm angry with my boss.
  • I'm nervous about taking my final exams.
  • I hate myself for craving sugar.
  • I'm disappointed I wasn't invited to the party.
  • I'm worried about lack of money.
  • I'm afraid of public speaking.
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Tapping Brow

meridan tapping points
Tapping Brow. (c) Phylameana lila Desy

The second meridian point in this sequence is the point where the inner eye brow begins. Tap gently six to ten times rapidly.

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Tapping Outer Eye Socket

meridan tapping points
Outer Eye Socket. (c) Phylameana lila Desy

The third meridian point in this sequence is on the outside of the eye, but not touching the eye. Tap the outer eye socket region six to ten times.

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Tapping Rim Under the Eye

meridian tapping points
Tapping Rim Under the Eye. (c) Phylameana lila Desy

The fourth meridian point in this sequence is on the lower bony rim of your eye socket directly under your eye. Tap six to ten times.

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Tapping Upper Lip

meridian tapping points
Tapping Upper Lip. (c) Phylameana lila Desy

The fifth meridian point in this sequence is on your upper lip. Tap on the fleshy area between your nose and upper lip. Tap six to ten times.

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Tapping Chin Region

meridian tapping points
Tapping Chin. (c) Phylameana lila Desy

The sixth meridian point in this sequence is on your chin. Tap on the indention on your chin slightly below your lower lip. Tap six to ten times.

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Tapping Breastbone

Tapping Breastbone. (c) Phylameana lila Desy

The seventh meridian point in this sequence is your breastbone. Tap on the area about an inch below the lowest edge of your collarbone. Tap six to ten times.

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Tapping Inner Wrists

meridian tapping points
Tapping Inner Wrists. (c) Phylameana lila Desy

There are several meridian points located on the wrist area. Gently tap both of your inner wrists together several times. Additionally, you can also tap your outer wrists together.

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Tapping Under Arms

meridian tapping points
Tapping Under Arms. (c) Phylameana lila Desy

The ninth meridian point in this sequence is underneath your arm pits. This point is approximately at nipple level or three to four inches below your arm pit. Gently poke around until you discover a slightly tender spot in this region of your body. Tap this spot six to ten times.

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Tapping Crown of Head

meridian tapping points
Tapping Crown of Head. (c) Phylameana lila Desy

The tenth meridian point in this sequence is the crown of your head. There are actually several points on the crown, so allow your fingertips to tap dance in a circular motion on top of your head - free style tapping! After you have completed tapping all ten steps take a moment to re-evaluate your emotional state. If you are still intensely or moderately upset, repeat the sequence two to four more times until the intensity of your emotion is mild or completely at rest.

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