MercyMe – Biography of Christian Pop / Contemporary Band

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MercyMe was Formed in 1994. Their national debut album was released in 2001.

Band Members

  • Bart Millard - Lead vocals (birthday - December 1)
  • Nathan Cochran - Bass (birthday - May 26, 1978)
  • Mike Scheuchzer - Guitar
  • Robby Shaffer - Drums
  • Jim Bryson - Keyboards (birthday - January 11)
  • Barry Graul - Guitar (birthday - May 18)

MercyMe Band Biography

MercyMe started out in 1994 as just a bunch of guys who loved music, loved the Lord and wanted to be able to support their families playing music for and about Jesus. Several Dove Awards, a few albums and over six million + CD and DVD sales later, a lot has changed. But they're still the same people - guys who love what they do and who they do it for.

Random Facts

  • Since their 2001 debut, MercyMe has seen all of their albums attain either Gold or Platinum status with RIAA
  • MercyMe has produced 23 #1 multi-format Christian radio singles, and four consecutive mainstream radio hits including "I Can Only Imagine," "Here With Me," "Homesick," and "So Long Self."
  • In 2015, MercyMe earned their fifth American Music Award Nomination for Contemporary Inspirational Favorite Artist.

MercyMe Trivia & Fun

News & Notes

MercyMe Books

  • I Can Only Imagine (Becoming the Worshipper You Long to Be)
  • I Can Only Imagine (Stories of Eternal Hope)
  • I Can Only Imagine (The Songs of Mercyme)
  • MercyMe (Almost There)
  • MercyMe (Spoken for)

Music Awards


  • Doves
    - Short Form Music Vide Of The Year - "Shake"



  • Doves
    - Pop/Contemporary Song Of The Year - "Word of God Speak”
    - Artist & Group Of The Year
  • American Christian Music Awards
    - Performing Artist & Duo/Group Of The Year
    - Recorded Song Of The Year & Outstanding Duo/Group (Song): "Word Of God Speak"
    - Outstanding Praise & Worship, Inspirational & AC Artist
  • Victory Awards
    - Artist of the Year
    - Best Inspirational Song (Duo/Group) - "Word of God Speak"
  • Christian Music @
    - Top 10 Song of the Year & Readers Choice - "Here With Me"


  • ASCAP Awards
    - Songwriter of the Year: Bart Millard for “I Can Only Imagine”


  • Dove Awards
    - Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song Of The Year - "I Can Only Imagine"

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