Archangel Tzaphkiel

The Angel of Understanding and Compassion

Woman with angel wings overlooking clouds.
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Tzaphkiel means "knowledge of God." Archangel Tzaphkiel is known as the angel of understanding and compassion. She helps people learn how to love others with the unconditional love God has for them, resolve conflicts, forgive, and develop compassion that motivates people to serve others in need. Other spellings of Tzaphkiel's name include Tzaphqiel, Tzaphquiel, and Tzaphkiel.

Tzaphkiel's Symbols

In art, Tzaphkiel is often depicted standing on heavenly clouds while looking out over them, which represents her role watching over people with love and understanding. Sometimes Tzaphkiel is also shown holding a golden chalice in her hands, which symbolizes the flowing waters of knowledge. Her energy light color is blue.

Tzaphkiel in Religious Texts

The Zohar, the holy book of the mystical branch of Judaism known as Kabbalah, names Tzaphkiel as the angel who represents "Binah" (understanding) on the Tree of Life, and says that Tzaphkiel embodies the feminine aspect of God's creation.

In her role as the angel who directs the expression of God's creative energy related to compassion, Tzaphkiel helps people develop a better understanding of both God and themselves so they can become more compassionate. Tzaphkiel can help people see everyone and everything in their lives from an accurate perspective -- God's perspective -- so they can see how all is connected, and valued, in God's creation. Once people understand that, they're inspired and motivated to treat others compassionately (with respect, kindness, and love).

Tzaphkiel also helps people understand who they truly are in light of their ultimate identities as God's beloved children. Learning that lesson can help people make wise decisions that help them discover and fulfill God's purposes for their lives. Tzaphkiel encourages people to seek God's guidance to make choices in their daily lives that reflect what's uniquely best for them, in light of who God has created them to be and what gifts God has given them to use to make the world a better place.

Other Religious Roles

Tzaphkiel is often called the Watchtower of God because she watches God and gains understanding from observing God's great love, which she passes along to people. New Age believers say that Tzaphkiel is a great cosmic mother who protects people from all forms of evil.

In astrology, Tzaphkiel rules the planet Saturn, which helps people face their fears, come to a greater understanding of what makes them feel afraid, and develop greater courage to make important decisions that they should make to move on well in their lives.

Tzaphkiel rules an angelic choir called Erelim, according to Jewish tradition, and is linked with primal waters, darkness, and inertia. The Erelim angels empower people to courageously take the risks that God wants them to take in order to build closer relationships with God and each other.