Meet Archangel Raguel, Angel of Justice and Harmony

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Archangel Raguel, the angel of justice and harmony, works for God's will to be done in human relationships, so they can experience fairness and peace. Raguel also works for God's will to be done among his fellow angels, supervising their work on the assignments God gives them and holding them accountable.

People sometimes ask for Raguel's help to: overcome mistreatment and get the respect they deserve, resolve conflicts in their relationships, solve stressful problems in mutually beneficial ways, bring order out of chaos, remain true to their spiritual convictions under pressure, and fight injustice through helping people they know who are neglected or oppressed. Raguel shows people how they can direct their anger at injustice in constructive ways, letting it motivate them to fight injustice and overcome evil with good.

Raguel empowers people to solve problems on a personal level, such as lying, neglect, oppression, gossip, slander, or harassment. He is just as concerned about injustice at a wider level, so he motivates people to support causes such as crime, poverty, and abuse.

The name Raguel means "friend of God." Other spellings include Raguil, Rasuil, Raguhel, Ragumu, Rufael, Suryan, Askrasiel, and Thelesis.


In art, Raguel is often depicted holding a judge's gavel, which represents his work fighting injustice in the world so that good will triumph over evil.

Energy Color

Pale Blue or White.

Role in Religious Texts

The Book of Enoch (an ancient Jewish and Christian text that isn't included in the official canon of scripture but is considered to be historically reliable) names Raguel as one of seven archangels who judge all who rebel against God's laws. He supervises the other holy angels to make sure that they are on their best behavior.

Although current translations of the Bible don't mention Raguel, some scholars say that Raguel was named in early manuscripts of the biblical book Revelation. An early part of the Revelation that isn't included in current versions describes Raguel as one of God's assistants separating those who have been faithful to Jesus Christ from those who haven't:

...the angels shall come forth, having a golden censer and shining lamps; and they shall gather together on the Lord's right hand those who have lived well, and done his will, and he shall make them dwell for ever and ever in light and joy, and they shall obtain life everlasting. And when he shall separate the sheep from the goats, that is, the righteous from the sinners, the righteous on the right, and the sinners on the left; then shall he send the angel Raguel, saying: Go and sound the trumpet for the angels of cold and snow and ice, and bring together every kind of wrath upon those that stand on the left. Because I will not pardon them when they see the glory of God, the impious and unrepentant, and the priests who did not what was commanded. You who have tears, weep for the sinners.

In current biblical manuscripts, Raguel is considered to be the angel "of the church in Philadelphia" who urges angels and people to work together in harmonious ways according to God's will and encourages everyone to remain faithful through trials (Revelation 3:7-13).

Raguel is also linked to the "sixth angel" who releases other angels to punish unrepentant sinners causing destruction on the earth, in Revelation 9:13-21.

Other Religious Roles

In astrology, Raguel is linked to the zodiacal sign Gemini.

Raguel is part of the rank of angels known as principalities, who focus on assuring order according to God's will. Principality angels like Raguel remind people to pray for to God for guidance. They also respond to those prayers by sending encouraging and helpful messages to those who are facing challenges. Another specialty of principalities is guiding world leaders to make wise decisions about governing the regions that are under their authority.

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