About Archangel Jehudiel, Angel of Work

Roles, Symbols, and How to Pray to Him

A colorful representation of the archangels from the 19th century

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Archangel Jehudiel, the angel of work, gives encouragement, wisdom, and strength to people who work for God's glory. Here's a profile of Jehudiel and a look at his roles and symbols.

How Jehudiel Can Help You

People pray for Jehudiel's help to figure out which career is best for them, according to their God-given interests and talents, as well as God's purposes for how they should contribute to the world. They also seek help from Jehudiel to find a good job -- one in which they can do useful and fulfilling work while also earning the income they need. Jehudiel can help with every part of the job search process, from writing effective resumes to networking with the right people. 

Once people have found jobs, Jehudiel can guide and empower them in the workplace to do their work well, completing tasks on time and with excellence. People may ask Jehudiel to help them learn new information, solve problems on the job, make ethical decisions at work with integrity, find peace in the midst of stressful work situations, figure out which volunteer service opportunities God wants them to focus on, and accomplish God's purposes for all of the work they do.

Jehudiel especially helps those in positions of power and leadership who want to honor God while carrying out job responsibilities.

Jehudiel's name means "one who glorifies God." Other spellings of Jehudiel's name include Jegudiel, Jhudiel, Judiel, and Gudiel.


In art, Jehudiel is often depicted holding a whip (which represents the responsibility of power) and wearing a crown (which represents people's heavenly rewards for doing their best to bring glory to God during their earthly lifetimes).

Sometimes, in Catholic art, Jehudiel is shown holding a flaming heart that symbolizes the sacred heart of Jesus Christ (to represent people working for Jesus' glory because they love him).

Energy Color


Role in Religious Texts

In the Book of Tobit, which is part of the Bible used by members of the Catholic and Orthodox churches, Jehudiel is considered to be one of the seven angels that archangel Raphael describes as standing "ever ready to enter the presence of the glory of the Lord" (Tobit 12:15). The story describes different types of qualities that Jehudiel, Raphael, and the rest of those seven archangels value in people's work habits. Those qualities include expressing gratitude for God's blessings by honoring him through work, and taking action to help people in need as opportunities arise to do so.

Other Religious Roles

Christians in the Orthodox and Catholic churches revere archangel Jehudiel as the patron saint of all who work.

In astrology, Jehudiel works with the archangel Selaphiel to rule the movement of the planets.

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