Profile and Biography of Matthew the Apostle

Apostle Matthew
Apostle Matthew.

Matthew is recorded as one of Jesus’ original disciples in all four gospels and in Acts. In the gospel of Matthew he is described as a tax collector; in parallel accounts, however, the tax collector Jesus encounters is named “Levi.” Christians have traditionally thought that this was an example of a double naming.

When Did Matthew the Apostle Live?

The gospel texts offer no information on how old Matthew might have been when he became one of Jesus’ disciples. If he was the author of the gospel of Matthew, then he probably wrote it some time around 90 CE. It is unlikely, though, that the two Matthews are the same; therefore, Matthew the Apostle probably lived a couple of decades earlier.

Where Did Matthew the Apostle Live?

Jesus’ apostles are all called in Galilee and, except for perhaps Judas, all are presumed to have lived in Galilee. The author of the Gospel of Matthew, however, is thought to have lived in Antioch, Syria.

What Did Matthew the Apostle Do?

Christian tradition has generally taught that the Gospel According to Matthew was written by Matthew the apostle, but modern scholarship had discredited this. The gospel text displays enough sophistication in terms of theology and Greek that it is most likely the product of a second-generation Christian, probably a convert from Judaism.

Why Was Matthew the Apostle Important?

Not much information about Matthew the apostle is contained in the gospels and his importance for early Christianity is dubious. The author of the Gospel According to Matthew, however, has had a great deal of importance for the development of Christianity. The author relied heavily on Mark’s gospel and also drew from some independent traditions not found elsewhere.