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Mandisa. Sparrow

Mandisa Born

Mandisa Lynn Hundley was born on October 2, 1976 in Citrus Heights, California

Quote From Mandisa

"My faith certainly went through some tests of fire, but it’s stronger because of that and it’s also made me want to know more about it and how to articulate it. I think I came out of that whole experience (American Idol) understanding Jesus better. I’d been a little sheltered in Christian circles for a while and it helped me realize the kind of impact that Christians can make when they actually step out of their boxes and get involved in the world around them."

From her official Sparrow Records bio

Mandisa Before American Idol

Born and raised in Citrus Heights, California, Mandisa grew up singing in the church. After graduating from high school, she studied Vocal Jazz at American River College before heading east to Fisk University in Tennessee, where she graduated with a bachelor's degree in music with a concentration in vocal performance.

She did session work as a backup singer for a wide variety of artists including Christian author and speaker Beth Moore, Sandi Patty, Shania Twain, Take 6 and Trisha Yearwood. The audition for American Idol's fifth season in Chicago took her from being backup to up front.

Trivia Fact About Mandisa

Mandisa sucked her thumb until she was 24.

Mandisa After American Idol

Mandisa's Idol days came to an end after she was eliminated on April 5, 2006, in the Top 9. After the Idol tour, she was signed by Sparrow Records in early 2007. Her book IdolEyes (with Angela Elwell Hunt) was published by Tyndale House in May 2007 and her debut CD, True Beauty released two months later.

Mandisa Discography

  • Get Up: The Remixes, 2014
  • Overcomer, 2013
  • It's Christmas (Christmas Angel Edition), 2012
  • What If We Were Real, 2011
  • Freedom, 2009
  • It's Christmas, 2008 
  • True Beauty, 2007
  • Christmas Joy (EP), 2007 

Mandisa Starter Songs

  • "Free" - 2011
  • "Just Cry" - 2011 
  • "Shackles (Praise You)" - 2007 
  • "The Right Thing" - 2007 

Mandisa News & Notes

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