How to Make Your Dreams Come True

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If you work with God to set goals and achieve your dreams, you may see them become reality. Benjamin Shearn / Taxi / Getty Images

A South Korean woman who was hoping to earn her driver’s license finally passed the written exam — after 950 tries! Cha Sa-soon had set the goal of passing the test without knowing how difficult it would be to see her dream come true. She had to take the exam repeatedly for more than four years before she succeeded, but her efforts finally paid off. What dreams lie dormant in your heart? If you haven’t pursued a dream because you think you’d need a miracle to see it come true, you may get that miracle once you take some steps of faith toward your goals. You can invite God to work in your life in ways that may miraculously make your dreams come true. Eleanor Roosevelt once said: "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Here’s how you can cooperate with God to help make your dreams come true.

How to Use God's Help for Creating Your Dreams

  • Trade your own plans for God’s dreams for you. If you’re dreaming dreams that don’t reflect God’s purposes for you, you’re missing out on the life he wants you to live. So ask God to help you discern which of your dreams align with his will for you, and let the rest go. Spend time with God daily in prayer. Regularly read, study, and meditate on passages of your faith's sacred scripture, seeking insights about what dreams God wants you to pursue. Think about the specific interests and talents God has given you, and ask him to reveal more about how he would like you to contribute to the world. Look for ways that your dreams intersect with opportunities for you to act on what God has revealed to you so far. Make your relationship with God your highest priority in life. If you seek God himself first — before any particular dreams — then he will make the right dreams come true for you.
  • Fight fear with faith. Although it’s natural to feel fear about taking the risks necessary to pursue your dreams, giving into your fear will stop your progress. Realize that God will give you all the power you need to do whatever he is calling you to do. Rely on him for help, knowing that he never fails. Ask God to give you the courage to do what he wants you to do, no matter what others think. Feel free to seek counsel from a few trustworthy people who are close to you, but dismiss critics who don’t have your best interests at heart. Make whatever changes you need to make to stop playing it safe and living in a rut. Don’t be afraid to leave behind a way of life that you’ve been conditioned to think is normal so you can discover something better. Leave small thoughts behind and dream big. Don’t wait for all the pieces of a plan to make perfect sense to you before moving forward if you sense God calling you to do so; be willing to take steps of faith as he leads you.
  • Use your time well. Resolve to use your time wisely. If you invest even small amounts of time toward reaching your dreams, over the long haul your investment will pay off in a big way. Don’t let seemingly urgent things like household chores and checking e-mail distract you from what’s most important. Reduce unnecessary stress in your life. Make sure that you’re focusing on important tasks first — the ones that will help your dreams come true — and just fit all the "urgent" tasks in when you can.
  • Remain motivated. Remind yourself often of the reasons why you’re making sacrifices and working hard to pursue your dreams. Ask God to regularly remind you of what your life can look like once his dreams for you come true. Write out a plan for how to make those dreams realities and move forward with that plan while inviting God to edit your plan as he sees fit. Establish and grow relationships with key people who will pray for you and encourage you as you go after your dreams.
  • Keep trusting. When you face challenges on your way to fulfilling your dreams, don’t grumble about difficulties; instead, be thankful that you have the gift of each new day to keep making progress. Try to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Be prepared for trials and tragedies that will inevitably threaten to derail your dreams in this fallen world. When you encounter them, depend on the hope that God offers and keep working to make progress as you can. Don’t let your mistakes or failures cause you to give up. Stay focused on your vision, keep working hard, and continue to trust God.
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