Magical Yule Gifts to Make

As Yule approaches, many of us in the Pagan community like to give handmade goodies to our friends and family — in particular, magical gifts are a great way of letting someone know how much you care about them. Here are a couple of ideas for those of you who want to keep things inexpensive, give the folks you love something you created, and pass along a little bit of that magic fairy dust along to your friends and family.

Baked Goods

German vanilla biscuits (vanilla kipferl)
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Spend a marathon weekend right before Yule baking cakes, muffins, bread and cookies. Make up mini-loaves of dessert breads, and pour the batter into the pan in magical shapes, or create a symbol of your intent with frosting or chocolate chips. Make a delicious traditional Yule plum pudding, peppermint fudge, or even a tasty chocolate Yule log to share with your friends and family. As you're baking, prepping, or rolling, focus magical intent into your dishes. Once everything is cooked and cooled, package it up in pretty decorative packaging and drop it off with a note wishing your friends a merry holiday season.

Clay Crafts

Sculpted family
Make protective poppets for each member of your family with modeling clay.

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Sculpey clay is like a gift from the gods. Make ornaments for your friends to hang on their holiday tree, or to use as decoration all year long. Roll out the Sculpey with a rolling pin so that it's flat, then either use cookie cutters (for the kids) or freehand a shape to cut out. Bake them and paint them. When you paint them, include symbols of health, prosperity, and well-being into the design. Glaze them, tie a ribbon on top, and they're ready to hang. Try doing various nifty and unique Sun shapes (after all, it is the winter solstice), and we swirl the red and yellow and orange paint around for some fun designs. As you do each ornament, focus your intent on the person it's going to — after all, we may wish for different things for different people. For some ideas, be sure to read about how to make Yule Spell Ornaments.

Spell Candles

Close-Up Of Burning Purple Candle In Jar
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Candles are simply to make and everyone loves them. You can try paraffin wax, but soy candles are even more simply to do, especially if you're making jar candles. They burn clean, and the nice thing is that soy wax melts at a cooler temperature than paraffin wax because of a difference in the molecular structure, so you can melt it in your microwave. Get some Mason jars, or do what pick up metal tins and stone crocks at the thrift store for a buck apiece. Fill them with wax, and make all different kinds. Sprinkle herbs on top as the wax cools, to bring prosperity, healing, or love into your giftee's life. For ideas, be sure to read our Intro to Candle Magic.


Making quilt soft blocks, tacking the pattern piece in place around the edge
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If you can work a straight line on your sewing machine, try making cloth sachets with herbs from your garden. Another fun option is to hand-stitch little felt hangings for people to hang on their walls... usually just something seasonal and simple, but effective for a working nonetheless. Incorporate colors of the season and sigils for health and happiness into the design. Want to wish someone the best for the coming year? Make them a poppet with healing herbs stuffed inside! You can also sew your friends magical craft-related goodies, such as bags, pouches, or altar cloths. For more stitchery ideas, be sure to read about how to Make a Magical Poppet or a Lavender Dream Pillow.

Spell Basket

Basket of gifts
Put together a basket of goodies for friends who are being handfast.

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Get a pretty basket (thrift store time!), and fill it with some candles in the appropriate color, some nice incense, a few small pouches of herbs, and a short incantation that the person can say. Many people appreciate money spell gifts, and you can put them in a wallet or purse instead of a basket. For a relaxation ritual, include some bath salts, fresh herbs, handmade soaps, or aromatherapy oils. Not sure what to put in the basket? Read about Crystals and Gemstones,Magical Herbs and Their Uses, Color Correspondences, Magical Flowers, and Magical Oils to get some ideas!

More Magical Yule Gift Ideas

Christmas hamper containing various items of homemade food in boxes, jars, bags and bottles, decorated with mistletoe leaves
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Looking for more gift ideas? Make a Tarot box, ritual incense, besoms and brooms, a portable altar kit and more!

Celebrating Yule on a Budget? Be sure to read about Ten Gifts Under Ten Bucks!

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