Magical Samhain Goodie Bags

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Got kids coming over for Samhain? Make treat bags with a Pagan theme. Image by Sarah Golonka/Tetra/Getty Images

A reader says, “I’m in charge of hosting my group’s annual Samhain event this year, and we’re going to make it a kid-friendly celebration because most of us have children, from preschool age to young teens. I’ve already read the article about having a Samhain Ancestor Ritual for Families With Kids – we’re totally going to do that – but I was wondering about something else. I’d like to send each child home with a goodie bag – but not the typical Halloween bag full of candy and lame plastic toys. What I’m hoping to include is some stuff that is representative of our Pagan spirituality. Any suggestions?”

First of all, I think this is an awesome idea! I also think the key here is to do some creative, outside the box thinking. Sure, there are a ton of Halloween decorations in the store at this time of year, but not all of those are really connected with Pagan religious belief systems. They’re really more about the secular celebration of Halloween, which is fine, unless you’re looking for kid-friendly stuff that honors Pagan spirituality.

Here are a few things I’d suggest:

  • You can decorate the bags themselves with symbols that are meaningful to you – depending on the pantheon your group honors, you might include designs that are associated with Greek, Roman, Celtic, or Norse mythology.
  • Small herbal sachets: make a miniature version of the Lavender Dream Pillow, sewing herbs into a sachet.
  • Crystals and gemstones: As long as the kids attending your event are beyond the put-everything-in-your-mouth stage, you could include rose quartz for love, hematite for protection, and more.
  • A Portable Altar Kit: Depending on how old the kids are, think about making an altar box that fits in a backpack or pocket. This might not be useful or safe for really young children – we don’t want to be handing sharp things to preschoolers – but older tweens and teens could probably use it responsibly.
  • Divination tools: You can make a simple pendulum with a stone wrapped in wire and attached to the end of a chain. You can also make a simple divination set by painting symbols on stones or wooden discs.
  • Wands: Make a simple wand with a stick and a crystal wrapped in wire.
  • Deity symbols: Does your tradition honor a particular god or goddess? Consider adding representative symbols – owls for Athena, cats for Bastet, or an antler for Cernunnos. Another option could be to print out a wallet-size image of the deity on heavy cardstock, add a prayer to your god/dess on the reverse side, and laminate it.

Finally, remember, Samhain is the same day as Halloween, so never underestimate the power of a few strategically placed pieces of delicious candy!

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