Magical Crystals and Gemstones

Are you interested in using crystals and gemstones in your magical workings? There are literally hundreds of stones out there to choose from, but which ones you opt to use will depend on your intent. Select crystals and gemstones for use based upon their correspondences, or attributes, and you won’t go wrong. Here are a list of some of the most popular crystals and gemstones used in magical workings and rituals, as well as ideas for how you can incorporate them into practice.


Agate is associated with matters of the mind. Darrell Gulin / Stockbyte / Getty Images

Agate typically appears as a brown or gold stone, and is occasionally found with bands across it. Variations such as moss agate may appear with green or blue colors. Connected to the element of Earth, agate is related to the brow chakra and matters of the mind. Use it in workings related to energy, depression, and mental health. A popular use for agate in magic is to use in rituals relating to discovery and truth, memories and healing, and overcoming feelings of loneliness or sadness. Carry agate with you if you're feeling stressed out or blue, or place one under your pillow at bedtime so you'll have more energy during your wakeful hours.


Glowing Amber
Amber is associated with clarity and confidence. Catherine MacBride / Getty Images

Amber isn't actually a gemstone, but a resin formed by hardened tree sap. It typically appears in shades of yellow and orange, although a few odd colors, like green or red, are sometimes seen. The color clues us in that amber is associated with fire and the energy of the sun. Use amber in workings related to the throat chakra, magic regarding clarity and confidence, and rituals of protection and strength. If you need a little magical boost when it comes to communication and your career, wear a piece of amber around your neck, or put it at your desk to keep away the office gossips.


Amethyst is connected to matters of the mind such as intuition and memory. Birte Möller / EyeEm / Getty Images

Amethyst is actually a form of quartz crystal, and appears in a wide range of purple and violet colors. Associated with water, it is also connected to the water signs of Pisces and Aquarius. Use amethyst in healing rituals related to the crown chakra, such as treating depression or anxiety, mood disorders, and stress relief. On a magical level, amethyst comes in handy for sharpening the mind and enhancing our intuitive powers. It can also help with cleansing and consecration of sacred space. The ancient Greeks carried to help avoid drunkenness, so if you're heading out for a night of shenanigans, carry amethyst to prevent yourself from overindulging.


Bloodstone is related to the use of blood in magic. Ron Evans / Photodisc / Getty Images

Bloodstone, also called Heliotrope, is a green speckled stone which includes shades of red and gold. It’s tied to the element of fire, and related both to the planet Mars and the sun. Use bloodstone in magical workings related to general healing, as well as fertility and abundance, both physical and financial. When it comes to matters of the body, this stone is often associated with (as you might imagine) the health of the blood–in particular, menstrual cycles and the circulatory system. If you're trying to conceive, tuck a bloodstone under your bed, or keep one in your wallet to draw abundance your way.


Carnelian is related to matters of earth, such as grounding and stability. Yashuhide Fumoto / Photodisc / Getty Images

The reddish/orange stone known as carnelian is often streaked with white, and its colors are reminiscent of the rich landscapes of the American southwest. Use carnelian in rituals that involve grounding, because it is indeed associated with the element of Earth. Its healing powers are used in treatments of impotency and infertility, and in some cases it is believed to stop excessive bleeding, such as nosebleeds. On a magical level, carnelian comes in handy for magical shielding, or as a talisman against psychic attack. You can keep carnelian with your other crystals and stones to keep them safe from negative influences.


Pile of small diamonds
Diamonds are associated with marriage, but are also used in meditation. William Andrew / Getty Images

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and this sparkly stone has long been associated with marriages and engagements, but it can also be used in rituals treating fertility problems and reproductive health, including sexual dysfunction. Tied to both air and fire, with a strong link to the sun, diamonds are typically clear but are sometimes streaked with yellow. It’s rare to find one that’s truly flawless. Diamonds can also be used for workings related to astral travel and scrying, meditation, and intuition.


Use garnets in workings related to the root chakra. Matteo Chinellato - ChinellatoPhoto / Photographer's Choice / Getty Images

The blood-red garnet, which sometimes appears in shades of purple, is strongly tied to the element of fire and the goddess Persephone. Garnets are related to the root chakra, and can be used in healing reproductive disorders and regulation of the menstrual cycle. Magically, the garnet is connected to the mysteries of women’s bodies, as well as moon magic. Use garnets in rites that balance the spiritual with the physical. Keep a piece in your meditation area to give your other crystals a magical boost, or use it during lunar rituals to help develop your intuitive skills. Of note, in some magical traditions, it is believed that a garnet obtained through deceptive means will bring a curse upon the person who possesses it, until returned to its rightful owner.


Hematite is often used for protection. Kerstin Waurick / Getty Images

Hematite is one of the best-known gemstones to use in magical workings. Also called Paint Ore or Iron Rose, this shiny silvery gray stone is tied to the element of fire and the planet Saturn, as well as the sun itself. Use hematite for healing rituals related to inflammation and blood disorders, as well as treatment of infection and fevers. One of hematite’s most common usages is that of protective magic, especially when it comes to homes and property; for this reason, it's very popular in Feng Shui. It’s also an excellent stone to carry for willpower, confidence and problem solving, as well as psychic awareness. You can also place hematite stones around your doors and windows to keep away negative influences from the outside.


Jade corresponds to the element of Earth, and symbolizes pure love and truthfulness. Pacifica / Image Bank / Getty Images

For thousands of years, jade has been a symbol of pure love, serenity, innocence and truthfulness. This pale green stone - sometimes appearing white, gray, or even pink -- is connected to the element of earth, and to balancing the humors of the body. It’s also associated with healing of the internal organs, such as the spleen and liver.


Use jasper in healing magic. Ron Evans / Photodisc / Getty Images

Also known as Egyptian marble, jasper is a stone usually found in a brownish red color, although it may contain streaks of white. Strongly connected to the element of earth, jasper is used for healing magic related to cancer therapy and treatments. On a magical level, this stone is perfect for grounding and centering after rituals, and can also be used to bring luck and good fortune. You can also place it under your mattress to give a little extra zing to your sex life.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli, close-up
Lapis was used in Egyptian funerary rituals. Harry Taylor / Getty Images

Lapis Lazuli, or Lazurite, comes in many different shades of blue, from pale to deep. It’s often seen spotted or banded, depending on the region from which it comes. The color is a reminder that lapis is connected to the element of water. Use lapis to treat depression and lift the spirits, as it is connected to the brow chakra and disorders of the brain. For a magical boost, incorporate it into workings involving altered consciousness, trancework, meditation, and connection to the gods of your tradition. Lapis lazuli was a popular stone in Egyptian funerary art and sarcophagi.


Use moonstone to connect to the lunar deities. Asia Images / Stockbyte / Getty Images

As its name implies, moonstone is tied to the lunar deities, in particular, any goddess with a triune or triple aspect. Diana, Selene, and Hecate are often associated with moonstone. This stone can be used in workings related to female reproduction, menstrual cycles and childbirth. On a magical level, include moonstone in rites having to do with wisdom and intuition, womens’ mysteries, and goddess-centric ceremonies. Carry moonstone in your pocket if you're feeling jittery, and it will help to get your body's natural rhythms back in order.


Obsidian, a form of black volcanic glass
Obsidian is related to fiery, volcanic energy. Gary Ombler / Getty Images

The glassy black stone known as obsidian is actually a volcanic byproduct. Naturally, because of its origins, it’s tied to the element of fire. Obsidian can be used to draw toxins away from the body, and is sometimes placed along the base of the feet during energy work, as a method of pulling toxins downwards. In a magical setting, use obsidian for scrying and intuition, as well as workings involving womens’ mysteries and the subconscious. In Feng Shui, obsidian is used to clear obstacles.


Opal gemstones
Opals are associated with spiritual and emotional healing. Science Photo Library - LAWRENCE LAWRY / Getty Images

Opals are found in a number of shades and colors, ranging from opaque and pale to dark gray or blue. They’re typically speckled with multiple colors, which makes them an ideal substitute for other crystals in a pinch. Opal is unusual among the typical selection of gemstones, because it is associated with all four of the classical elements. Opal is often used in spiritual and emotional healing, but can also be incorporated into rites for protection. Opal tends to absorb the energy around it, whether it be positive or negative, so it’s a perfect enhancer or booster for magical workings.


Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is associated with love and the heart chakra. Tom Cockrem / Stockbyte / Getty Images

Connected to the heart chakra, rose quartz is often associated with love and relationships. Use it in workings connected to love or even friendship, both giving and receiving love, as well as relief of emotional issues and drama. Of note is the fact that over time, rose quartz will fade if it’s left out in the sun.

Unlike rose quartz, white quartz is often clear, although it sometimes appears as an opaque shade of white. Connected to all four of the classical elements, the clear varieties of white quartz can disperse light in any color, which connects this stone to all seven of the chakras. Use white quartz in any healing ritual, workings connected to the divine, intution or spiritual growth and development.


Brilliant-cut Sapphire
Sapphires are connected to prophecy and the spirit world. DEA / A. RIZZI / Getty Images

Although they’re sometimes found in white or yellow, most sapphires appear in various shades of blue, from pale to dark. The color reminds us of the sapphire’s strong connection to water, and its astrological ties to the zodiac sign of Libra. Connected to the throat chakra, this gemstone is related to treating disorders of the respiratory system and breathing issues. On a magical level, use sapphires for rituals involving prophecy and spirit guides.

Tiger's Eye

Tigers Eye
Use tiger's eye in rituals related to courage and confidence. Tom Cockrem / Getty Images

The tiger's eye stone is so named because of its brownish-tan or gold colors with black banding. Connected to the element of fire, the tiger's eye is often used to enhance overall energy and general physical health. Use this stone in rituals related to self-confidence, courage and protection. Carry a piece in your pocket, along with an amethyst and hematite, to filter out the negativity of people who are trying to harm your reputation.


Use turquoise for rituals involving wisdom and intuition. Yashuhide Fumoto / Photodisc / Getty Images

Turquoise appears in various shades of blue, and often appears speckled or banded with black or white streaks. Associated with the element of water, turquoise is often found in the art and jewelry of the Native American tribes of the Southwest. Use this stone in treatments of stomach disorders, eye ailments, and even broken bones. It also comes in useful for general chakra alignments. In magical workings, turquoise is incorporated into rituals to bring about wisdom and intuition.


Gemstone group
Zircon is sometimes used as a substitute for diamond. xelf / Getty Images

Zircon typically appears in a variety of colors, ranging from clear and colorless to white, to a pale orange, pink or yellow. Connected to the sun, use zircon in healing work related to sexual energy. On a magical level, zircon is perfect for rituals involving beauty, love, peace, and relationships. Because it is similar in appearance to diamonds, some magical traditions use zircon as a substitute in workings.

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