Magickal Creature Totems

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Whenever you are visited by a magickal or mythological figure, such as a mermaid or a faerie, it has likely been shown to you as a means to relay a special message meant just for you. This could occur during the nighttime in your dreams or in a vision when you are awake. Also, if you discover that you are drawn to a particular mystical creature like a unicorn or dragon this too may indicate a deeper meaning. Review the folklore and possible lessons associated with any mystical creature that has surfaced in your life - the story may be more revealing than you could imagine

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Angels as Spiritual Messengers

Angel statue
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Often called "Messengers of God" angels, in general, will offer protection and guidance. Angels encounters tend to occur on occasions when we are the most vulnerable. They will take you under their wing and offer solace during periods of distress or weariness. Guardian angels are spiritual companions whose purpose is to support you during your soul's path in human form.

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Cherubs are typically depicted as childlike and ooze with innocence. If a cherub has shown itself look closely, could it possibly be Cupid, the spiritual matchmaker? Cupid represents love and romance. Cherubs are sometimes seen in dreams or visions prior to a pregnancy or arrival of a child.

Also, cherubs show up as a reminder to "play." Have you been taking life too seriously? Your inner child may be feeling neglected.

Cherubs symbolize yin yang energies blending naturally. Check in with your passive (feminine) and aggressive (masculine) tendencies to see if you are tilted to one extreme or another. You don't want to be anyone's doormat, nor ​do you want to be overly reactive and picking fights with everyone in your path.

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Painting of a dragon on a hill with full moon in background
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Dragon energy emulates similar characteristics of the serpent or Kundalini energy. Being visited by a dragon or attracted by the imagery of the fire-breathing dragon can indicate the dawn of a spiritual awakening.

Dragon totem possesses a force of nature that cannot be ignored. It is truly powerful and transformational. Take notice if it is sleeping (in dormant stage) or fully awakened and breathing red hot fire.

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Elves are human-like in characteristic, but are not little people. Mischievous in nature, elves usually show up when you need a jolt to awaken you from your too serious or stern demeanor. You are likely needing to add some play into your life. Workaholics may discover important papers lost or misplaced due to the elves playing tricks. Was the meeting all that important to get to on time you might ask yourself. Elves are also know as helpers which could indicate that you are taking on too much responsibility and it is time to delegate some of your tasks onto others. Santa's elven toy-makers, the shoemaker's helpers, and Irish leprechauns are examples of elf essence portrayed in film and storybooks.

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Faeries as Spiritual Messengers

Fairy trapped in a jar


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Faeries reside in gardens and woodlands. Other names for faeries are "wee folk" and "the green men." Faeries inspire individuals to get back to nature and to become conscious nurturers of our home planet. Their giggles and scampering about are heard more often than they are actually seen. And if you do see them it will generally be a quick "in a flutter of an eyelash" glimpse. Faeries can be mischievous when trying to get their point across. They are often blamed for hiding things (car keys, watches, important papers, etc.) in order to grab your attention away from mundane activities. They love human babies and have been known to leave gifts on doorsteps after the arrival of newborns. You are considered to be lucky if you stumble upon a faerie ring.

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Gnomes as Spirit Totems

Gnome figurine on a windowsill next to a pink crystal
Gnome as a Totem.

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Gnome collectors will adorn their gardens with a variety of gnome statues. But Gnomes are not typically garden dwellers. Gnomes are indeed associated with the element of Earth. But, they live in underground holes or inside rock dwellings or caverns. Legends convey that Gnomes are guardians of earth treasures (metals and crystals). If you have been in the presence of a Gnome you likely will receive a gemstone or crystal. It may be a gift from a person or perhaps you will find one in the dirt or sand that has been waiting for you to stumble upon. If you have a rock or crystal that is no longer serving you, bury it in the ground near an oak tree or next to a cave opening and the Gnomes will take good care of it.

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Griffin, Gryphon

Griffin, hand - colored engraving from Friedrich Justin Bertuch Picture book for children, Weimar 1792


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A symbol of protector or guardian, a griffin (also spelled gryphon) symbolizes both air and earth elements. It is usually depicted as a lion's body with the wings of an eagle. The head may be either of a lion or a bird. If you are visited by a griffin you may need to look to see if your human and spiritual bodies are in balance. You could either be too focused on earthly endeavors, forgetting that in essence, you are a spirit. Or, on the other hand, you may be too entrenched in spiritual lessons, ignoring important lessons that the human form is offering to you. Griffins are interested in loyalty, justice, and fairness.​

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Mermaids and Water Nymphs

Ariel, the Little Mermaid


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Mermaids are enchantresses, they lure the sailors from the ships into their watery kingdom through their haunting songs and striking beauty. Half human, half fish, the mermaid embodies both earth and water elements. Water nymphs serve as artistic muses who stir the imaginations of artists, poets, and musicians. If a mermaid or water nymph has shown itself to you it may indicate a need to be near water to draw upon the energies associated with the element of water.

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Phoenix - A Sign of Death and Rebirth

A phoenix rising from the ashes
Phoenix Totem. James Porto / Getty Images

Phoenix totem represents death and rebirth. It is considered a good omen in general to be visited by the phoenix. It can indicate a situation in which you have felt or will feel humbled. In experiencing humility, a wiser you emerges. Seeing the Phoenix can be a prophecy of a difficult circumstance in the coming days. But, with the power of the Phoenix totem at your side you will prevail over any obstacle. The Phoenix gives courage in the face of fear.

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Illustration of as girl holding a pixie in her hand


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Pixies are similar to fairies, only slightly smaller. Pixies are attracted to nectar of flowers. They tend to isolate themselves, preferring to be solitary or choosing to only socialize with their own kind. If a pixie shows itself you might look to see if the "sweetness" in your life is missing. Are you feeling sad or lonely? It may be time for you to plan a play-date with a new friend, preferably someone who makes you smile. Or, perhaps you have been spending too much time with others and it is time for you to pull back a bit and allow some alone time into your busy schedule. Disney's cartoon character, Tinkerbell, is often depicted sprinkling her magical "pixie dust" into the air.

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Illustration of a unicorn


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The Unicorn represents the development of intuition through visualization. The pointed or spiraling horn that projects from the brow of the unicorn symbolizes the third eye opening. Unicorn totem indicates a need or desire for meditation and self-exploration. Unicorns may very well be the most magical of all the mystical totems. Legend says the blood of the Unicorn has healing properties, making it most valuable to anyone in need of healing.

If you are needing assistance with your meditation practice or want to learn how to do third eye visualization, try connecting with The Unicorn Spirit Totem. You can do this simply by inviting unicorns into your dreams or daydreams.

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