Living a Magical Life

Tips for focusing your Pagan and Wiccan Beliefs

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People find themselves drawn to Paganism and Wicca for a variety of reasons. Some may be trying to escape some other religion. Others may be looking for a sense of personal empowerment. Still, others may realize that the beliefs they've held all along are in tune with those of a Pagan path. Regardless, once you've found your new path, there comes a time when you may ask yourself "How can I make this spiritual system part of my daily life?"

Are You a Weekend Wiccan?

Are you someone who thinks about the principles of your tradition all the time? If you honor a particular deity in your path, do you do so just only on the eight Sabbats? Are you constantly reading and learning, or do you figure everything you need to know is contained in the three books you already own? In other words, are you a "weekend Wiccan"?

Living a magical life is something one does 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Depending on the needs of your tradition, it may involve something as complex as daily rituals, or as simple as taking a moment to thank your gods each morning when you get out of bed. It means being in tune with the spiritual world around you, and staying in balance physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Does this mean you need to run around shouting "The Goddess loves you!" all day long? Not at all... in fact, the rest of us would appreciate it if you didn’t do that. It does mean is there's a difference between seeing Paganism and Wicca as something you "do" versus something you believe.

Incorporating Magic into Your Life

Try one, or more, of the following, and if something doesn't apply to your particular flavor of Paganism, don't sweat it. Use what you need, and set the rest aside.

  • Pay attention to the phases of the moon. Know what's happening in the skies, and notice how (or if) it affects the way you feel.
  • Recognize that you don't know everything there is to know. Continue learning and growing, and be willing to accept that sometimes new knowledge will come from unexpected sources. Don't assume that you're always right, just because you've always done or thought something.
  • Show respect for nature -- do things on a daily basis that are good for the planet. Recycle, compost, and cut back on excess energy consumption. If you believe the earth is sacred, treat it as such.
  • Get in touch with the land. Plant a garden, study the changes of the seasons. Realize how good it feels to grow your own herbs and vegetables.
  • Be empowered. Know that you have control over many of the things that happen to you. If someone or something makes you miserable, make the changes that are necessary to bring yourself happiness.
  • Understand that just as you have control over your life, you are also responsible for your actions. Take ownership of everything you do--even if that includes admitting you're wrong sometimes.
  • Find a way to honor the Divine in your daily life, rather than just at monthly Esbats or the eight Sabbats each year. Even if you just start your day with a morning "thank you" to your gods or to the universe itself, it's not a bad thing to acknowledge the gifts that we have in our lives.
  • Behave in a way that is honorable -- if you make a promise, keep it. If someone needs help and you can provide it, offer it.
  • When you do something mundane, think about how you can use it in a magical application. For example, when you're baking cookies, consider what sort of magical working you can incorporate into the recipe.
  • Consider the impact that your words and actions have on not only the environment but also on other people and on yourself.
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