Liv Wan

Food Expert


B.A., Illustration, Edinburgh College of Art

Western Culinary Art, National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism


  • Freelance writer and illustrator
  • Diploma from the top culinary college in Taiwan and a degree in illustration
  • Worked as a chef in Taiwan and Scotland
  • Published three cookbooks


Tsung-Yun (Liv) Wan is a freelance writer, illustrator, and cookbook author. Liv Wan grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. When she was young she often sat in the kitchen learning Chinese cooking from her grandparents. Her grandfather was from the Sichuan province of China and her grandmother from Guangdong province with both provinces having completely different cuisines. After her culinary training, she worked as a chef in Taiwan, at one of the top restaurants in Edinburgh for a few years, and other fine dining establishments.

She started her food writing when she moved to the U.K. from Taiwan. It was difficult to find authentic Chinese and Taiwanese food, so she spent countless hours in her kitchen recreating her favorite authentic Chinese and Taiwanese dishes and revisiting her favorite food memories from back home. She mainly focuses on “home-style” Chinese and Taiwanese cooking but sometimes she includes foods with a fine dining touch.


Liv Wan graduated from National Kaohsiung Hospitality College (now National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism) with a diploma in Western culinary art. She also studied an HND illustration course at Edinburgh College and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in illustration at Edinburgh College of Art. She is a native traditional Chinese speaker and also can read and write simplified Chinese. 

Awards and Publications

Liv Wan has published three cookbooks:

Learn Religions and Dotdash Meredith

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