How To Listen to Your Intuition

Listening to your instincts. Compassionate Eye Foundation / Getty Images

Maybe you feel listening to your intuition is easier said than done. But the truth is that most of us make listening to our inner guidance out to be harder than it actually is. Here are some simples ways you can tune into your inner dialogs.

Difficulty: Average

Time Required: undetermined

Here's How:

  1. Turn off that car radio. Giving your physical hearing a rest can expand your inner ear.
  2. At home, turn off the computer, the television, and the stereo. Spend a half hour or so in quiet meditation or solace.
  3. Spend some quiet time alone in nature.
  4. Pay attention to energy shifts in your physical body. Pain is telling you something is wrong.
  5. Keep a dream journal.
  6. Take moments in each day to clear your mind of distractions. Visualizing a chalkboard being erased often helps with this exercise.
  7. On your way home tune in to see if you can "guess" how many pieces of mail are waiting for you in your mailbox. You will be amazed how accurate you will become at this over time.
  8. Keep a synchronicity notebook to write down all your so called "coincidences."
  9. Follow your hunches. Prepare to be amazed where they lead you.
  10. Notice scents around you. What emotions or memories do they stir up?
  11. Start noticing "markers" or "signs" that bring about particular sensations in your gut.


  1. Try not to get bogged down with any nagging NEED TO KNOW when you are given a particular message. Explanations come along with intuitive messages on a "need to know basis."
  2. Using your sixth sense is just like working a muscle. It will get stronger the more you use it.
  3. Take cues from your pets. Animals can be especially sensitive to psychic energies.