Who Are the Lightworkers?

Raising Global Consciousness

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Lightworkers are individuals who have agreed to incarnate and live upon the planet for the purpose of raising the consciousness of mankind. They serve in a variety of different ways to help expand light and spread goodness to humanity. Some of these light-filled people will dedicate a whole life to this purpose and make it their primary focus, whereas others will volunteer as needed, or will emerge at a predetermined period of time to be of service.

Lightworkers Embrace a Global Purpose

Lightworkers have a "core" of goodness within them. They carry a higher energy vibration which helps them to be positive and loving at times when others need support.

Lightworkers are in human form. They chose to be born or come through as a walk-in soul when an opportunity presents itself. They intermingle with the population of human beings living on earth, assisting others in evolving spiritually with more ease. Their mere existence on earth creates openings for light to come through from higher planes.

If you suspect or are wondering if you are a lightworker, taking this quiz could give you some clues.

If you ask children who are young budding lightworkers who they want to be when they grow up they will respond by choosing a service-oriented or nurturing profession.

  • I want to be a nurse to heal and comfort people who are hurting.
  • I want to be a teacher to help children learn.
  • I want to be a farmer to feed the hungry.

Late Bloomers and Sleepers

You could have a sister, brother, or other family member who is a lightworker. Or, you may be a lightworker in hiding who has yet to awaken to your light path. Many lightworkers have already woken and are currently assisting people to grow their spirits. Others of you have not yet blossomed fully and have yet to begin fulfilling your purpose in helping to increase awareness and light. It is typical for a young lightworker to begin his work of spreading light and love without fully knowing what they are actually doing.

Some lightworkers are "sleepers" who have volunteered to become available at a time of crisis or chaos... only then do they emerge from their seemingly mundane existences. They are the volunteers who rise up to lend a hand when the fallen need assistance.

Lightworkers generally will incarnate with dual reasons or multiple purposes. Typically, a lightworker will have a personal agenda along with the noble path of spreading light in the dark and scary spaces.

They will have their own "stuff" to work on in addition to their soul agreement to serve globally as a guardian, carrier, or channeler of light. Once they have dealt with any karmic issues that need cleared or they have fulfilled the majority of their personal agendas than the global initiative will give rise. 

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