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Words like dynamic, creative, keen, funny, insightful, compassionate, trustworthy, and honest have been used to describe how intuitive life coach, Anandra George, expresses her spirit, but it’s really how she helps you tap into your own strengths that matters. 

Anandra empowers clients all over the globe to affect profound and lasting transformation. She calls her work “Life Coaching for Soul Evolution” because it emphasizes true freedom that comes from within. Anandra delights in helping people reveal their inner teacher and create balanced, fulfilling lives.

She teaches higher consciousness and facilitates inspired self-improvement. With practical insight, humor, and compassion, she helps individuals gracefully transform challenging patterns and cultivate their inner mastery so they can live their most awesome, fulfilling life. Phone sessions are welcomed. In-person healing retreats are also available on the beautiful island of Kauai.

Anandra says:

Though I call my work “Life Coaching” because it’s intensely practical, the exchange between us is inevitably deeply spiritual, hence the addition of “for Soul Evolution,” as we explore with grace and compassion the core tendencies that determine how you express yourself in this life. As they reveal themselves, amazing transformation happens gracefully as you practice looking at yourself from a higher perspective. I could explain more, but suffice it to say that there is no technique, and no agenda; simply the revelation of your own inner teacher coming into its mastery.

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Achievements / Awards

  • Facilitates private practice with clients from all over the globe.
  • Former Program Director, Curriculum Co-Developer, and Instructor for an adult school for meditation, higher consciousness, and the healing arts.
  • Intensive multi-faith spiritual development with leaders from the Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, New Age, Native American, Jewish and Muslim communities.
  • Ordained as an Interfaith Minister
  • Certified Teacher of Mantra
  • Registered Yoga Teacher

Ask A Life Coach Columnists

Anandra served the healing community here at as the Ask A Life Coach columnist..She answered readers' questions regarding life issues (family, relationship, career, prosperity, spiritual, and personal issues). Her column was dedicated to helping people who are suffering in the midst of life’s challenges expand their perspective and empower change. 

Prior to Anandra writing the column, Jaelin K. Reece was the Ask a Life Coach columnist up until May 15, 2010. Jaelin uses her complementary skills as a gifted intuitive and life coach to facilitate people in realizing their true potential in their personal lives, relationships, career, and prosperity. She assists people in transforming their lives and creating the life they love to live.

Mentor, consultant and success partner for her clients Jaelin combines her considerable coaching and intuitive skills with over 20 years of professional experience to help them create a life of passion, joy and empowerment

 As of May 1st, 2014 the Ask An Intuitive Columns were retired. I am so very grateful to both Ananadra and Jaelin for sharing their insights and teachings with our healing community. Q&As from the former column is archived for reader access.

To experience a personal session with Anandra, read about coaching and her sliding scale fees at

Disclaimer: Anandra’s advice is not meant to override your personal health providers' recommendations/prescriptions, but is intended to offer a new perspective and encourage your inner wisdom to guide the best course of action.