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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints publishes four magazines. All but the Liahona (which depends on the language) are published each month. They are as follows:

  • Ensign: Resources published in this magazine are for adults. There are articles from LDS Church Leaders and other members which focus on strengthening and helping church members with both spiritual and temporal needs.
  • New Era: This magazine publishes articles that are focused to the youth of the LDS Church, ages 12-18. Articles include guidance and counsel from LDS Church Leaders and other members, as well as articles submitted by youth who share their uplifting experiences and testimonies.
  • Friend: Written for children ages 12 and under, this magazine contains articles and stories from leaders and other members of the LDS Church. There are also games, crafts, puzzles and other activities that children enjoy.
  • Liahona: This international magazine is comprised of articles taken from the above three magazines which are then translated and made available in over 50 languages.

Subscribing to LDS Magazines

All of the LDS Church Magazines are geared to help members, teachers, and leaders with their families, lives, and church callings. Current and past issues of all four magazines are available online at under Inspiration and News: Magazines. You can also subscribe to any of these magazines by visiting the LDS Church's Distribution Center online at the LDS Church's Distribution Center or subscribe by phone.

If you have a problem with your magazine subscription, please see the Church's magazine subscription help page can assists.

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