LDS Activity and Service Ideas

A list of hundreds of LDS Activity Ideas

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There are great service and other activity ideas here! Some of the ideas will work better for different organizations: Primary, Youth, Relief Society, Ward, Stake .

LDS Activity Ideas

  1. 72-hour kits
  2. 72-hour survival skills (compass/map reading, knot tying, first aid)
  3. Aerobics class
  4. Anger management
  5. Art appreciation
  6. Attitude adjustment
  7. Auction
  8. Badminton tournament
  9. Ball hockey
  10. Ballroom dancing
  11. Basic mending
  12. Basics of reading music
  13. Basketball
  14. Bath Sachets
  15. BBQ
  16. Beauty tips
  17. Bike ride
  18. Board games (LDS board games here, listed at the bottom)
  19. Bonfire (hot dog/marshmallow roast)
  20. Bowling
  21. Bubble blowing contest
  22. Budgeting
  23. Building self-esteem
  24. Calculate your food storage needs and build up your three-month food supply
  25. Calligraphy
  26. Camping
  27. Candy making
  28. Candy wrappers (Chocolate Bars, Mini Chocolate Bars, Gum Wrappers, SoulSavers)
  29. Canning
  30. Canoeing
  31. Car maintenance: how to jump start a car/change a tire/change oil
  32. Card making
  33. Charades
  34. Cheap family vacations
  35. Chili cook-off
  36. Chocolate making/dipping
  37. Christmas advent stories/books (see Christmas Category)
  38. Computer class
  39. Cookbooks (See Refreshment Category)
  40. Cooking with beans
  41. Cooking with honey
  42. Coupon books (chores for family/friends)
  43. Crafts
  44. Creative dating ideas
  45. Creative writing
  46. Crepe/pancake breakfast social
  47. Crime prevention class
  48. Crochet
  49. Crock pot party or class
  50. Cross-stitch
  51. Cultural event (food/items from other cultures/countries)
  52. Curtain making
  53. Dance (ballet, country, tap, swing, square dance, highland, etc)
  54. Dehydrating and/or freezing foods
  55. Dessert contest (judged by primary children)
  56. Drama/play/musical event
  57. Drawing class
  58. Dutch oven cooking
  59. Easy hair cutting
  60. Etiquette/formal dining
  61. Family history (genealogy)
  62. Family Home Evening ideas/kits
  63. Family Home Evening Games
  64. Fashion show (modern/oldies/clothes from scriptures/other cultures)
  65. Fireside (also see LDS Singles: For the Strength of You Presentation)
  66. First aid
  67. Fishing
  68. Floral arranging/silk flower makingFootball

LDS Service Ideas

  1. Adopt a friend/child (do services and activities for/with)
  2. Adopt a pet
  3. Christmas boxes for needy children/families
  4. Clean someone's car (inside and out)
  5. Clean someone's home
  6. Clean the church (inside and outside/grounds)
  7. Cook meals for needy/elderly
  8. Do someone's laundry
  9. Donate blood
  10. Donate clothes/toys/household items
  11. Free car wash
  12. Give Christmas trees to needy at Christmas time
  13. Help out at shelters/hospitals/nursing homes
  14. Hygiene kits (for shelters)
  15. Litter cleanup (roads/parks)
  16. Make stuffed toys/dolls for children
  17. Missionary letters and packages(see Missionary Shirt Card)
  18. Organize rides to church for those without transportation
  19. Read to elderly
  20. Service Scavenger Hunt
  21. Singing at hospitals/nursing homes
  22. Storytelling to children
  23. Surprise visit (with treats or gifts) to less active
  24. Teach reading to the illiterate
  25. Wash windows (members/church/other buildings/homes)
  26. Yard cleanup (grass/weeds/leaves/snow/etc)
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