LDS Activity Idea: Hollywood Squares

Hold Your Own Latter-Day Saints-Themed Squares Game Show

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You can easily use this game-show themed idea for any church activity including stake, ward, young women and men, priesthood, or primary.

What You'll Need to Play

You will need 12 participants: 9 squares, 2 contestants, and 1 host while everyone else in the audience. If you would like you can pick a theme for the game such as prophets, church history, pioneers, temples, Book of Mormon, church doctrine, etc. Or you could just go with your basic overall church knowledge and have questions about any LDS topic.

Setting up for Game Play

For the people who are playing your nine squares, you could have them dress up as LDS church characters such as prophets, Relief Society presidents, or Book of Mormon characters. Make signs for each of your squares (make sure they are large enough for the audience to see) even if you are just using their real names. This way the two contestants will know who to pick during the game.

Put together a list of questions (with answers) to use during the game. You can give a copy of the list to your nine squares ahead of time and then have them choose to give a correct or wrong answer. You will need at least 20 questions per round. One round of play could take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the length of the answers given by each square. So, if you want to play more rounds make sure you have enough questions for each round.

Make nine signs (large enough for the audience to see) of an X on one side and an O on the other. A piece of cardstock attached to a stick works great. This PDF file has some ready-made signs you can use.

The seating arrangement for the 9 squares should be three rows of three. You will need to set up their chairs in a way that everyone can see them.

You can utilize the following example as a reference for set up: Bottom row on the gym floor, the second row of chairs placed on a plywood base that in turn is placed on top of steel legged tables, third row on the gym stage. You could also just use chairs on the floor, but move each row slightly over to the right or left so that you can see each square. 

For your two contestants you could have them dress up to go with your theme, or just have them be themselves. Before beginning the host should read a brief description about each one aloud.

You will need a place for the two contestants and host, preferably on an angle half facing the squares and half facing the audience this way the contestants can see the squares (and vice versa) and the audience can see everyone. Our group used a podium with microphone for the host and placed small tables and chairs to each side for the contestants.


To play the game have your host introduce each square and the two contestants. Next, have them explain the rules so everyone knows how the game goes. Assign X's to one contestant and O's to the other.

Choose one of the two contestants to go first. They start by picking a square, the host reads a question TO THE SQUARE who must then answer the question.

The contestant who picked the square THEN states whether they believe the answer given by the square is TRUE or FALSE. If they choose correctly the square they picked raises their sign to be the X or O of the contestant. If they chose WRONG the square does NOT raise their sign, the other contestant must pick that square on their turn and answer correctly before receiving their X or O. For a quick round you can play so that the other contestant receives the square if their opponent chose incorrectly except for winning squares.

The first contestant to create a Tic-Tac-Toe (three x's or o's in a diagonal, horizontal, or vertical row) wins. If there is a tie (no tic-tac-toe) you can play a round of "Sudden Death" where each contestant picks a square who answers a question. The first contestant to wrongly choose a square's answer loses, although both contestants must be given a chance to go, so if BOTH choose wrong then another round of "Sudden Death" is played.

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This quiz goes along with the Hollywood Squares game but it is still fun to test your knowledge of the Relief Society organization. (There was an error with one of the questions, so now this is a 29 question quiz.) Play this Relief Society Quiz Online!

1. What was the first auxiliary organization in the Church?

a. Priesthood
b. Relief Society

2. What is the Relief Society motto?

3. Who was the longest serving General Relief Society President?

4. The Relief Society is the oldest and largest womens' organization in the world. What date was it officially organized?

a. March 20, 1832
b. March 17, 1840
c. March 17, 1842
d. March 20, 1842

5. Who was the first General Relief Society President?

6. The Relief Society was organized under the direction of which President of the Church?

a. Joseph Smith
b. Brigham Young
c. Wilford Woodruff

7. Who was the General Relief Society President in the Sesquicentennial Year?

8. Who was the General Relief Society President during the centennial celebration in 1942?

9. During the drought of 1879 the Relief Society made an interest free loan to the church. What was it they loaned interest free?

a. $20,000 cash
b. Garden seed for the next spring’s planting
c. 30,000 bushels of wheat

10. During World War I (1917-1919) the Red Cross had an approximate membership of 50,000 women in the United States. Of that number, approximately how many were also members of the Relief Society?

a. 35,000
b. 42,000
c. 47,000

11. Who was the 2002-2007 General Relief Society President?

12. How many hymns did Eliza R. Snow write in the current hymn book?

a. 10
b. 12
c. 14

13. Name three of the hymns written by Eliza R. Snow.

14. Who was the mother of Eliza R. Snow?

15. How long did it take to write the Relief Society Declaration?

a. 3 hours
b. 3 days
c. 3 months
d. 3 years

16. Which General Relief Society President threatened to leave her husband because he had a bar in the house?

17. On June 3, 1918, why did the President of the United States, Herbert Hoover, write a letter of appreciation to the church?

a. For the copper donated from the Salt Lake copper mine for the war effort
b. For the contribution by the Church and Relief Society in the purchase of war bonds
c. For the contribution of wheat and flour for war use

18. How many sisters were admitted as members when the Relief Society was founded?

a. 14
b. 18
c. 26
d. 34

19. Which Relief Society President was also the president of the National Council of Women?

20. What General Relief Society President was also the chairman of the Childhood and Family Committee of the National Council of Women?

21. When did the Visiting Teaching program begin?

a. 1843
b. 1860
c. 1943
d. 1960

22. When was the Relief Society Building dedicated?

a. 1946
b. 1951
c. 1956
d. 1961

23. How long after the establishment of the church did Emma Smith make a selection of hymns for the church?

24. Which General Relief Society President enjoyed cruising on the steamer "Maid of the Iowa" with her husband?

25. Who are the "Singing Mothers"?

26. Which of the following is a program from which the Relief Society has never been responsible for:

a. Church Compassionate and Welfare Services
b. Educational Program
c. Nurse Training
d. Church Building and Construction
e. Temple and Burial Clothing Departments

27. What was the actual official name of the Relief Society when it was first organized in 1842?

a. The Benevolent Society of Nauvoo
b. The Female Relief Society of Nauvoo
c. The Benevolent Relief Society Sisterhood of Nauvoo

28. What circumstances initiated the organization of the Relief Society? A desire of the sisters to:

a. Unite in building work clothes for those working on the temple
b. Unite and bring to the attention of the brethren the mess left after Church and Priesthood meetings
c. Get out of the house and have a social club for activities

29. Which General Relief Society President postponed and eventually canceled the grand centennial Relief Society Celebration titled "Woman’s Century of Light"?

Here are the Answers! Also, don't miss this other Relief Society Quiz of 15 questions.

Updated by Krista Cook.

This is the list of answers to the 30 Question Relief Society Quiz. (Update: Now a 29 question quiz.)

1. b. Relief Society

2. Charity Never Faileth

3. President Belle S. Spafford who served from 1945 to 1974 (29 years)

4. c. March 17, 1842

5. President Emma Smith

6. a. Joseph Smith

7. President Elaine L. Jack

8. Amy Brown Lyman

9. c. The Relief Society loaned the brethren of the church 34,761 bushels of wheat interest free.

10. c. 47,398 to be exact

11. President Bonnie D. Parkin

12. a. 10

13. Awake, Yes Saints of God Awake; Great is the Lord; Through Deepening Trials; Again We Meet Around the Board; Behold the Great Redeemer Die; How Great the Wisdom and the Love; The Time is Far Spent; Truth Reflects Upon Our Senses; O My Father; In Our Lovely Deseret

14. Rosetta Leonora Pettibone (Snow)

15. d. 3 Years

16. Emma Smith

17. c. The Contribution of wheat and flower to the government for war use. All of the wheat and flour donated was gathered and paid for by the Relief Society. The US Government later paid the church $1.20 for each bushel donated which was estimated at 205,528 bushels (12,331,080 lbs).

The money received was invested as a trust fund and the interest made available for charitable purposes for the poor of the church.

18. c. 26. Although only 18 sisters attended the organization meeting of the Relief Society, another 8 sisters, not present, were admitted to membership for a grand total of 26.

19. Belle Spafford

20. Barbara B. Smith

21. a. July 28, 1843, just a little more than a year after the Relief Society was organized.

22. c. October 3, 1956

23. 3 months

24. Emma Smith (Joseph bought the cruiser to ferry the saints coming from Europe across the Mississippi).

25. Many Relief Society choruses from sisters world-wide sang under the name "The Singing Mothers." They performed at General Conferences, special occasions and even on the radio. On April 21, 1934 the name "The Relief Society Singing Mothers" was adopted as the official name. In 1966 there were almost 45,000 Singing Mothers in more than 3200 choruses in the stakes and missions of the Church worldwide. The name was later changed to the Relief Society Chorus to be more "politically correct" as of course not all the women involved were actually mothers.

26. d. Church Building and Construction

27. b. The Female Relief Society of Nauvoo

28. a. (Of Course)

29. This was due to WWII which ran from Sept 3, 1939 to Sept 2, 1945. President Amy Lyman was disappointed but continued her devotion to social work raising funds to assist both members at home and those suffering due to the war in Europe.

Download and print the quiz with the answers in pdf format.

Also, don't miss this online Relief Society Quiz with 15 questions.

Updated by Krista Cook.

Patty Perfect or Molly Mormon refers to an idealized female LDS member. Peter Priesthood is the male equivalent.

Patty Perfect hails from Salt Lake City, Utah. She’s married and has 10 children. Even though she’s a stay at home mom, she manages to keep busy. Her typical day begins around 5:30 when she gets up and reads 9 chapters from the scriptures. After jogging 12 miles, she’s home in time to make a hearty, healthy breakfast and oversee the practicing of musical instruments by her children. Once breakfast is over, family scripture study completed, children and husband sent off to school and work, Patty takes the 5 younger children with her as she does her visiting teaching. Arriving home in time for lunch, she saves time by also preparing the week’s dinners in advance while the smaller children teach each other the alphabet. Then the children go down for naps while Patty has a few moments to herself. She likes to spend her free time sewing clothes for the whole family and baking whole wheat bread. As the older children arrive home from school, she treats them to milk and freshly baked cookies before helping them with their homework and science fair projects.

Her favorite time of the day is when she’s cleaning the house because “cleanliness is next to godliness.”

Peter Priesthood is from Provo, Utah. He is married to his high school sweetheart and they have eight children with one on the way. He is currently serving as 1st counselor in the Bishopric as well as being the seminary teacher. Although going to work each day, Peter finds time to make welfare visits during his lunch hour. On his way home from work, he stops to make the family’s food storage purchases whenever there’s a good sale. Once home, Peter likes to spend time in the family’s acre garden. He’s known for his generosity with his abundant zucchini harvest. During dinner, Peter loves to hear how each child’s day at school went and they have fun trying to liken the scriptures to the events of the day. Then it’s off to do his home teaching and driving the older children to young men and young women’s. Peter’s hobbies include family history, writing talks for sacrament meetings, and mowing the lawn/shoveling the driveway.

Submitted by: Debbie Coleman

Updated by Krista Cook.

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