Lammas Cooking & Recipes

, is the time of year when the gardens are in full bloom. From root vegetables to fresh herbs, so much of what you need is right there in your own back yard or at the local farmer's market. If you're one of our gluten-free Pagan readers, be sure to read the article about celebrating Lammas when you're on a gluten-free diet. Let's take advantage of the gifts of the garden, and cook up a feast to celebrate the first harvest at Lammas!

Barley Mushroom Soup

Top a bowl of barley mushroom soup with fresh croutons and chives. Image by Nina Gallant/Image Bank/Getty Images

Barley is one of the grains honored in harvest folklore throughout history, especially around the Lammas sabbat. It's a filling sort of grain, and lends itself beautifully to a hearty soup, especially when you add wild mushrooms and other late summer goodies! You can either make this soup right before meal time, or get it started early in the day, and allow it to simmer for a few hours. 

Make a Loaf of Lammas Bread

Make this loaf of Lammas bread with pre-made dough, and use it in your rituals. Image © Patti Wigington 2008

Bread is the ultimate symbol of the Lammas season. After all, once the grain is harvested, it is milled and baked into bread, which is then consumed. It is the cycle of the harvest come full circle. The spirit of the grain god lives on through us in the eating of the bread. In many traditions, a loaf of special bread is baked in the shape of a man, to symbolize the god of the harvest. Make a Loaf of Lammas Bread

Roasted Garlic Corn

Roast your corn cobs, and jazz them up with garlic and seasonings. Image by Gary Conner/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Few crops embody the spirit of the harvest quite like corn. For centuries, the corn cob has been a staple part of every harvest season meal. However, instead of just plopping it in some boiling water and slapping a bit of butter on it, why not make your corn a bit more savory by roasting it over an open fire? 


Use fresh potatoes and newly harvested cabbage to make colcannon. Image by James A. Guilliam/Taxi/Getty Images

Although Colcannon is traditionally eaten for St. Patrick's Day in March, the use of fresh potatoes and cabbage makes it a perfect harvest meal. You can eliminate the bacon for a vegetarian option. Serve up a pot of Colcannon for your Lughnasadh celebrations! 

Fresh Basil Pesto

Make a batch of fresh pesto to serve at your Lammas celebrations. Image © Patti Wigington 2013

Basil represents protection and love, so why not whip up a batch of magical pesto? Around Lammas time, your basil plants will be in full glorious bloom. Harvest fresh leaves from your garden, add a bit of oil, and serve it over pasta, on top of a burger, or just eat it with a spoon! 

Lunastain Cakes

Make a batch of fried bread for Lammas. Image by Brian Yarvin/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

In parts of the British Isles, the Lammas festival, or Lughnasadh, was celebrated with the baking of a cake made from the first harvested grains. While today we don’t typically harvest our own wheat, oats, barley or corn – unless you’re hardy enough to be a farmer – we can still take advantage of this tradition and bake one of these seasonal goodies, which were called Lunastain cakes. Here's how you can make a batch of simple fry bread to celebrate the Lammas harvest holiday: Lunastain Cakes

Butter Fried Chicken

Butter fried chicken is easy and delicious!. Image by Nathan Blaney/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

At Lammas, summer is beginning to draw to a close. In many rural communities, this was a time when flocks and herds were brought in from the fields and pastures. Much like the grains in the field, livestock were often harvested at this time. This simple recipe for chicken is one that can be prepared just about anywhere, and it only takes a few moments. Butter Fried Chicken

Blackberry Cobbler

Blackberry Cobbler
Blackberries are often in season around Lammas. Image by Ron Bailey/E+/Getty Images

At Lammas, blackberries are ripe and ready for picking. Go out and gather a bucketful and make a delicious blackberry cobbler for your summer celebrations! Blackberry Cobbler

Celebrating Lammas When You Eat Gluten-Free

Gluten free baking takes some work, but it's worth the effort. Image by photographer and designer/Moment/Getty Images

Baking bread and eating it are part of the Lammas theme. But what if you can’t eat gluten? If you’re on a gluten-free diet, any bread made from what flour is off-limits. So, how do you celebrate and keep the spirit of the sabbat alive, without making yourself too sick to function? Read more about Celebrating Lammas When You Eat Gluten-Free.