Kutless Biography

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Kutless. BEC Recordings

Kutless Formed

Kutless was formed in 1999 in Portland, Oregon.

Kutless Members

  • Jon Micah Sumrall - vocals - birthday October 7
    Jeff Gilbert - drums
    Dave Luetkenhoelter - bass
    James Mead - guitar
    Nick Departes - guitar

Ryan Shrout - guitar - left Kutless in '07 after his daughter was born with an eye condition called Coloboma.

Kutless Biography

The Christian rock band Kutless released its self-titled debut on BEC recordings in 2002. The members, who had all gone to church together, had been together for three years. The road they've traveled in the 10+ years since has been long, but it's been pretty impressive too.

Kutless played 220 shows their first year to almost 200,000 people, showing the world that they were serious about getting God's music on stage. Being the "Best selling new artist of 2002" was a direct result of that, while being a huge feat because they did it in just six months since their debut album was a mid-year record release. Having three number one R&R Rock singles is another pretty big deal. One top 5 CHR single that unexpectedly became the longest-charting song in the history of the R&R CHR chart.

Twelve years later the band is more seasoned but still as passionate as ever. In the time that we've known and loved Kutless, they've released six studio albums and one live album. They've played hundreds of shows in several countries to over 1.6 million fans. Not bad for a band who started out on the national scene with no track record at all!

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