Know When It's Time to Give Up

Young person praying
Holger Leue/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

Think about a time when you wanted something so badly, but it always stayed just out of your reach. At what point did you realize it was time to just give up? When we’ve given everything to persevere, sometimes the idea of quitting hurts more than not getting what we want. However, there are times when we need to let go and learn the lessons provided to us along the way. Here’s how to know when we need to persevere and when we need to give up.

When the Desire to Win Consumes You

Sometimes we get so caught up in the idea of success that we lose sight of why we’re trying to reach that goal in the first place. If all we can think about is “winning,” rather than why we’re reaching for our dream, then we might want to consider taking a step back. We live in a competitive society that tells us winning is everything, but when winning is all we think about, we lose a piece of ourselves. 

When the Outcome No Longer Seems Positive

Being optimistic is an important tool in persevering. But what happens when we’re no longer optimistic when the idea of meeting the goal no longer holds much excitement for us? There is a difference between losing interest in something versus letting doubts prevent us from getting to something we desire more than anything. Sometimes we think we have to see things through because we’ll be letting others down or not fulfilling our goals. However, if we’re not into the outcome, it’s hard for us to be positive to others and the ending can feel flat. Instead, maybe its time to take a close look and see if there are lessons we can take away and maybe there is another direction that feeds our passion.

When It Destroys Your Self -Esteem

Perseverance shouldn’t drive your self-esteem away, it should bolster it. So if you find your self-esteem taking a deep nosedive, then maybe it’s time to evaluate if this goal is worth pursuing further. That’s not to say that your self-esteem won’t take some hits as things get tough. It will, and the negative talk can hit hard. However, if you consistently feel worse and worse as you work toward your goal, then maybe it’s time to back off.

When You’re Chronically Exhausted

When you no longer feel energized when thinking about the end goal, or you find yourself so chronically exhausted that it’s hard to work toward what you thought you wanted, maybe it’s time to evaluate if this is what God really had planned for you. Maybe it’s time to walk away and find something that makes you feel energized and excited. Not all goals are meant to be met, and sometimes God has other plans. But your physical and mental health is important, so do heed the warning signs if exhaustion is overwhelming.

When You Start Compromising Your Values

Perseverance should not come at the cost of your values. God may give us purpose and goals, and we may want something so badly we can just about taste it, but that doesn’t mean He’s okay with us compromising our values to get what we want. Some will say that they’ll lie, cheat or steal to meet a goal, but should we? If we start heading down that slippery path, it’s hard to come back up. It’s easy to say, “just this once,” but will it be? If compromising your values is the only way to meet a goal, maybe it’s time to give up and find another goal, because maybe it’s just not part of God’s plan.

When God Starts Pulling You in a New Direction

God has many plans for us in our lifetime, and sometimes what we think is his plan isn’t exactly what He’s actually thinking. Sometimes He leads us down one path to prepare us for another. We need to remain open to how He is going to change things, and single-minded perseverance toward one goal can be a hindrance when God has something else in mind. We need to remember that God will provide for us and to keep our eyes on Him in prayer and supplication.