Kaur - Princess

Kaur Khalsa Princesses
Kaur Khalsa Princesses. Photo © [Khalsa Panth]

Kaur literally means boy or son and is the title given to a prince. In Sikhism Kaur is generally interpreted to mean princess. Kaur is a suffix attached to the name of every female Sikh either at birth or upon rebirth, when initiated as Khalsa. Guru Gobind Singh gave Sikh women the name of Kaur as a statement of their independence and social status so that they would stand strong and regal beside men as their equal.

Pronunciation: core

Alternate Spellings: Ancient Gurmukhi and modern day Punjabi spellings may differ.


"Baleh chhalan sabal malan bhagat chhalan kaanh kuar nihkalank bajee ddank charroo dal raend jeeo ||
Thou art the enticer of Balraja, who smothers the mighty and fulfills the devotees, who is the prince Krishna and Kalki and the coming incarnation of the divine, whose thundering cavalry beating drum echos across the universe." SGGS ||1403

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