Karmic Consequences

What Comes Around Goes Around

Stacked river stones on seesaw
Balancing the Karmic Scales. Ugurhan Betin / Getty Images

What Comes Around Goes Around... this is so true! We create all kinds of karma (good and bad) through our actions and reactions practically everyday. Today, yesterday, last year, during our youth, and even from past lives. Whenever life throws a curve ball my way I start wondering what I did to deserve that! It isn't always easy to pin point. And truthfully, sometimes a cigar is a cigar, rather than a karmic payback. Life is complicated. Not everything is karma or kismet.

But, come on... you know when you have acted inappropriately or have done something wrong! If you want to avoid future karmic backlashes you can start today. It is a matter of changing your ways. Simply put on your best-behavior-suit and play nice on the playground. Karma is not something you can stop... but you can initiate receiving karmic rewards rather than karmic punishments through good deeds and proper behavior.

Did, I just say punishment out loud? Oops, that right there is wrong-thinking. Karma is a consequence of behavior not a punishment. Once realization sinks in that you are not a victim and nobody is out to get you it will be easier to alter misconstrued attitudes and begin working on becoming a better (and happier) person. To begin with, try having a pay-it-forward type mentality.

A very wise friend told me once that she accepts all insults and bad actions against her as karma. She take all punches on the chin without flinching... believing that she had it coming. She is determined to be kind, loving, understanding, patient, forgiving... etc. not just to a selective few, but to everyone. She is a wonderful friend and teacher. I am learning so much from her kindness and patience. I am striving to be more like her. I don't intend to lie down and be anyone's doormat (and neither does she). But, I am becoming more conscious of my reactive habits. For example, I tend to be self-protective by being defensive with my words whenever I feel like I'm under attack or being treated unfairly. Words are my weapon of choice, not my fists. I have been catching myself acting unnecessarily snarky or using critical words. I'm not proud of it, but I'm glad that I'm becoming more conscious of doing this.

It is also a good idea not to interject yourself into other people's karmic entanglements. If you think you might have a habit of doing this, please back away ASAP. Danger Danger Will Robinson.

Staying out of the fray can be difficult when we are witnessing karmic situations happening with our spouses, children, and good friends... but it is a better choice not to intervene in other people's karma.

If your husband is struggling with a co-worker, let him figure it out. Be sympathetic to his cause but I would advise you remain on the sidelines. Don't step into the ring with them. They can duke it out without you getting yourself worked up into a frenzy... this is not your fight. Just be on hand with a supportive shoulder to offer respite and be willing to soothe any emotional cuts and bruises.

It might be a bit harder to bite your tongue with your adult daughter's choice of a boyfriend. But, hey, these two likely have karma that needs balanced. It would be wise to offer advice only when it is asked for. Otherwise... just be ready to give a hug when needed.

Plunging in to fix problems that don't involve you is not required! And it will only add kindling to the karmic flame. Not to mention you would likely be creating more karma for yourself that WILL require your involvement later on.

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