What Is a Kara or Kakar Bangle?

3 Kakkars: Kara, Kanga and Kirpann
3 Kakkars: Kara, Kanga and Kirpann.

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The kara is a steel or iron bangle worn on the wrist and is one of five kakar, the articles of faith required to be worn by the Amritdhari Sikh, a Sikh who has been initiated into the order of Khalsa.

About the Kara

  • The kara is a bracelet made of pure steel or iron.
  • The kara originated as a protective ring to guard the sword arm of the Khalsa warrior. Some Sikhs consider the kara as a reminder having a similar significance to a wedding ring, or a slave bracelet, which serves as an unbreakable bond binding them to the service of the Guru.
  • The kara is to be worn on the body by the Amritdhari at all times.


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