Juz' 19 of the Qur'an

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The main division of the Qur’an is into chapter (surah) and verse (ayat). The Qur’an is additionally divided into 30 equal sections, called juz’ (plural: ajiza). The divisions of juz’ do not fall evenly along chapter lines. These divisions make it easier to pace the reading over a month’s period, reading a fairly equal amount each day. This is particularly important during the month of Ramadan when it is recommended to complete at least one full reading of the Qur’an from cover to cover.

What Chapter(s) and Verses Are Included in Juz’ 19?

The nineteenth juz’ of the Qur’an starts from verse 21 of the 25th chapter (Al Furqan 25:21) and continues to verse 55 of the 27th chapter (An Naml 27:55).

When Were the Verses of This Juz’ Revealed?

The verses of this section were largely revealed in the middle of the Makkan period, as the Muslim community faced rejection and intimidation from the pagan population and leadership of Makkah.

Select Quotations

  • "The servants of Allah Most Gracious are those who walk on the earth in humility, and when the ignorant address them, they say, 'Peace!'" (25:63)
  • "Verily in this is a sign. But most of them do not believe. And verily thy Lord is He, the Exalted in Might, Most Merciful." (repeated eight times throughout chapter 26, Ash-Shuara)

What Is the Main Theme of This Juz’?

These verses begin a series of chapters that date to the mid-Makkan period when the Muslim community faced intimidation and rejection from the unbelieving, powerful leaders of Makkah. Throughout these chapters, stories are told of previous prophets who brought guidance to their people, only to be rejected by their communities. In the end, Allah punished those people for their stubborn ignorance.

These stories are meant to provide encouragement and support to the believers who may feel that the odds are against them. Believers are reminded to be strong, as history has shown that truth will always triumph over evil.

The various prophets mentioned in these particular chapters include Moses, Aaron, Noah, Abraham, Hud, Salih, Lot, Shu'aib, David, and Solomon (peace be upon all of Allah's prophets). The story of the Queen of Sheba (Bilqis) is also related.

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