Jump5 - Christian Tween Band

Jump5. Sparrow Records

Jump5 Members

  • Brandon Hargest - born March 17 1987
  • Brittany Hargest - born August 2, 1988
  • Chris Fedun - born June 14, 1986
  • Lesley Moore - born October 15, 1986

Jump5 Biography - The Early Years

Jump5 hit the airwaves in 2001 as a "family-friendly alternative to the sex-driven teen pop scene being played on airwaves all over the country." Brother and sister Brandon and Brittany Hargest, along with their long-time friends, Lesley Moore, Libby Hodges and Chris Fedun, quickly became the teen phenomenon known as Jump5.

After only three years and a ton of success, the group downsized when Libby left the band. The rest of the group continued forward as "teen idols", but with a difference ...

"All along," said Brandon in a press release, "we wanted to do more than just entertain people; we wanted to help them too."

Jump5 chooses to give ’tweens and teenagers what they want without sacrificing what they need — healthy, positive messages about being true to yourself, respecting and accepting others, and enjoying all life has to offer. The beauty of it was (and still is) that they never had to stoop to wearing scanty clothes or bringing undercurrents of sex into the picture to be popular.

Jump5 Hits the Mainstream

Being able to cross the boundries usually associated with Christian musicians has allowed Jump5 to perform in front of millions, with appearances on Nickelodeon, ABC Christmas Morning with Regis and Kelly three years in a row, two walk-ons on CBS Early Show, performances on Crystal Cathedral, PTL and the Disney Channel. They are as "at home" on major stages as they are in smaller churches.

Four Jump5 songs have landed on major motion pictures (The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Sleepover, Ella Enchanted, Brother Bear), and a performance for President George W. Bush at The White House rounds out an impressive resume for anyone ... and they are only teens!

“We love this life, and we wouldn’t want to miss these opportunities we’re having right now,” Brandon says. “We’re just having fun with it. We think it’s a blast! We wouldn’t change anything.”

Jump5 Says Goodbye

In mid-2007, Jump 5 announced that they will be performing a farewell tour in the fall before going on with their now adult lives. In an interview with Christian Today, Chris shared that he will be moving to California to study acting while continuing to dance and create music. Leslie, who is in school in Nashville, announced that she is engaged to be married and brother and sister duo Brandon and Brittany told interviewer Courtney Lee that they will be staying in music by way of their own band, GUEST.

So Where Are They Now?

After growing up in the spotlight and then walking away, fans often wonder what became of the kids that were once Jump 5. 

Brandon Hargest - After finishing college and briefly forming a band called "guest" with his sister, Brandon spent the first five years after the band retired working in the music industry. He held positions as a Road Manager, Radio Promoter, and Booking Agent. From there, he worked as an Energy Auditor/Data Analyst, co-owned a social media company and then went into sales. In 2016, when he is not helping Apple customers as an Expert, he is producing music with Split Fusion Studios. 

Brittany Hargest - After Jump 5 and "guest," Brittany signed with SoulStride Records and released one solo project, Love All The Way, in 2011 (Buy from Amazon). In 2015, she and the rest of the family (including Brandon) opened The Hargest Academy of Performing Arts in Franklin, Tennessee. 

Chris Fedum - Chris stayed in the entertainment industry, forming MicUp Fedun Productions and Written Soul Music. In 2007, he appeared in Dance of the Dead, a zombie comedy filmed independently, playing the role of the Prom King. 

Lesley Moore - Lesley married Daniel Sawyer in 2009 and the two had a baby girl, McKinley Mae, in 2012. 

Jump 5 Discography

  • Hello & Goodbye - 2007 
  • Rock This Christmas - 2005
  • Shining Star - 2005
  • The Very Best of Jump5 - 2005 
  • Dreaming in Color - 2004 
  • Mix It Up - 2004
  • Accelerate - 2003 
  • All the Joy in the World - 2002 
  • All the Time in the World - 2002 
  • Jump5 - 2001 

Jump 5 Fun & Trivia

  • Kids in Christian Music
  • The band had over 1 million units sold
  • Jump 5 performed for President George W. Bush at the White House
  • They had their singles on several motion picture and TV soundtracks, including Beauty and the BeastBrother BearElla EnchantedLilo and Stitch, Sleepover and the Lizzie McGuire Movie


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