What is Johrei Healing?

Japanese Healing System

Woman Directing Ki Energies
Woman Directing Ki Energies. Tetra Images / Getty Images

Johrei Healing is a spiritual healing modality, originating in Japan, that uses focusing and scanning tools to dispel negativity and increase vitality. A Johrei session has been called a Prayer in Action.

What To Expect During a Johrei Healing Session

During a Johrei session the Johrei practitioner and client will sit in chairs facing one another. The Johrei practitioner holds an opened palm toward the recipient while focusing and directing ki energies toward his or her client. Ki energies are directed at the recipient’s forehead, upper chest, and abdomen for approximately ten minutes. Next, the client is asked to turn around and face the opposite direction, with his or her back to the Johrei practitioner. The practitioner then focuses and directs ki energies toward the client's crown and back of head, then onto both shoulders and down the spine. Finally, the client is asked to return to his or her original sitting position so that the two individuals, practitioner and client, are once again facing each another. The practitioner and client join together, either energetically or by clasping hands and give a silent prayer of gratitude.

Primary Purpose of Johrei Healing

Spiritual in nature, the purpose of Johrei is to help you develop a higher consciousness and to become a more evolved person. Not only is Joheri healing beneficial for personal development; it can benefit the higher good of all people by first embracing positivity and then directing love and peace out into the world in general.

Positive results from this healing process include:

  • Increases Spiritual Quality
  • Clears Mental Confusion
  • Detoxifies Physical Body
  • Accelerates Healing Process

Seven Spiritual Principles of the Universe incorporated by the Johrei Fellowship are:

  1. Order
  2. Gratitude
  3. Purification
  4. Spiritual Affinity
  5. Cause and Effect
  6. Spiritual Precedes the Physical
  7. Oneness of the Spiritual and the Physical

About Johrei Healing Founder, Mokichi Okada

Inspired by one man in Japan, Johrei Healing was introduced to America in 1953 by Mokichi Okada. He was respected greatly for his vision and light work. He died in 1955, shortly after this introduction.

A true lightworker, Okada was respectfully called Meishu-sama (translation: Master of Light) by his followers and admirers. As is often true of people who embrace the healing arts, he was challenged with illness. Not surprisingly, dis-ease, infliction, or personal hardship can serve as a catalyst for searching for a cure, a better life, or at the very least, some comfort.

Okada was a business man with an artistic bent. In mid-life, around age 40, he began the journey of self-purpose, awareness, and searching for the meaning of life. As result, he became a beacon of sorts and like-minded individuals began gravitating towards him. He became their teacher.

Johrei Healing is only one aspect of the Johrei Fellowship, a spiritually principled organization. Centers exist in several locations in the United States and also in Vancouver, Canada.

Reference: Johrei Fellowship, johrei.org

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