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Jennifer Knapp
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Jennifer Knapp is a popular Christian performing artist born on April 12, 1974 in Chanute, KS. Jennifer's first release spent 80 weeks within the Top 25 on the Billboard charts. 1999 Dove Awards for 'Rock Song Of The Year' and 'New Artist Of The Year' followed, as did two other CDs.

Jennifer Knapp Seems to Disappear

2003 ... For the first 11 months of the year we heard nothing. Her "official" website was gone and the "unofficial" site was in the process of major remodeling. December rolled around and Jennifer came back to us for a short time when Gotee released a two-disc "greatest hits" album in November 2003. 2004 came and went and we heard nothing from the Jennifer Knapp camp and 2005 was more of the same. A live album was released in early 2006, with the music being recorded in 2001 during her "Back Forty Tour." 2008 brought us the Gold edition of Kansas but still no new music. Jennifer is no longer on the Gotee Records roster and there is no word on where she is or what she is doing.

Jennifer Knapp Returns

The big news for September 2009 was Jennifer Knapp's return to Christian music. She has posted a letter to fans, recreated her official website and updated her Myspace page, complete with a new song.

Jennifer Knapp Comes Out

About a month before her first album in seven years, Jennifer Knapp stunned fans with the announcement that she has been in a committed relationship with a woman for the past eight years.

Jennifer Knapp Quote

"I am ceaselessly inspired when in our troubles and shortcomings, we refuse to live shamefully, but rather with hope and courage. When, in our victories, we live humbly and charitably, sharing our bounty with others."

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Jennifer Knapp Discography:

  • Letting Go, May 11, 2010 
  • Kansas Gold Edition, 2008 
  • Jennifer Knapp Live, 2006 
  • A Diamond in the Rough, 2003
  • The Way I Am, 2001
  • Lay It Down, 2000
  • Kansas, 1998
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Jennifer Knapp Starter Songs:

  • "On Love"
  • "Whisper My Name"
  • "Want For Nothing"

Jennifer Knapp Awards

  • Dove Awards Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song of the Year
  • 2003 Dove Awards Special Event Album of the Year - City On A Hill-Sing Alleluia
  • Dove Awards New Artist of the Year
  • Dove Awards Rock Song of the Year