Itchy Eyebrows

Itches and Superstitious Meaning

Itchy Eyebrows
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When I was doing my morning meditation my eyebrows began itching. As much as I wanted to continue focusing on my meditation mantra, the itching persisted until I realized my fingernails were aggressively scratching the little hairy caterpillars. Okay, my brows aren't really bushy, but they sure were itchy. It got me to thinking about what it might possibly mean (superstitious wise) for someone's eyebrows to itch.

Previously, when I was doing my morning meditation outdoors a mosquito landed on my forehead exactly on my third eye. Naturally, the sucker sucked out some of my blood. As annoyed as I was by the biting I began giggling like a silly school girl. I imagined that the mosquito was a psychic vampire attracted to my expanding energy as my brow chakra was opening wider. It made for a funny story to tell my Transcendental Meditation instructor anyway.

The itching I felt on my eyebrows makes me speculate. Could a chakra opening such as a brow chakra adjusting to a heightened level of enlightenment result in a physical sensation, maybe itching, sweating, or even cooling of the skin? It makes sense for the physical body to work in concert with a chakra opening or auric field expansion. Anybody else ever get physical sensations during meditation?

Itches and Superstition

  • Itchy nose foretells of kissing a fool.
  • Itchy palm foretells of coins coming your way.
  • Itchy feet foretells of a journey.
  • Itchy neck foretells of illness.
  • Itchy scalp foretells good luck (if not lice).

Reader Comments

Itching or feelings of energy, buzzing, vibrating and flowing in your hands, temples, third eye, crown chakra etc.. while meditating or doing energy work or energy healing indicate that you have activated or awakened the Kundalini, the coiled energy system that wraps around the chakras, this is indeed a very good thing. I prefer to use the word “Awakened” rather than enlightened so if you are feeling this you have started to awaken and connect to your divine source and also to recognize the divine that exists in you and all others. People who can feel energy during meditations can also usually feel the energy flowing from crystals as well and make good energy healers, doing Reiki, The Reconnection, Deeksha, DNA Activation, Kundalini Activation Meditations etc… will also help to awaken the Kundalini. ~Roy

Congratulations are in order, you have significantly raised your vibration to a much higher level and this itching or vibrating that you are feeling is a side effect, over time you will get used to it and actually come to enjoy the sensations letting you know that you are connected to your source at higher and higher levels. ~Mike

When I go into deep meditation or if I have to remove a block, I too feel the vibration or buzzing. Also whenever I have to travel thru a very hard life challenge and there have been many,my body feels actually lighter and my whole soul and spirit feels tingling and anew, as I have reached a new level! ~Diana Weirich

I notice my eyebrows itch whenever I am in a state of stress, or I'm focusing to hard on something, or I’m “giddy” about someone, or I’m excited about something or somewhere I’m going etc. I think its a natural nervous reaction that can be stimulated from many factors, but none the less non-harming. ~BodyBalance

In the style of Japanese acupuncture I practice, we use the eyebrows to alter the hormones–reduce hot flashes, regulate menses. They are also used for painkillers. I don’t know if that helps but the points are Bladder2 and Yuyao. ~Jess

You know what? This post has come just in time. Just yesterday I had this feeling of something moving or crawling in between my two eyebrows. I looked into the mirror number of times and tried pushing away that something…but it would simply not go! In fact, apparently, there was nothing to go. I thought about it for a long time and then this idea of-of it having to do something with the third eye chakra dawned on me. I practice Reiki meditation. It might be because of that. Later on, in the evening the feeling went away on its own ! Has anybody else has such a crawly sensation on the third eye chakra ? ~Manju

I’ve got a few funny things that occur that are similar….I always get an itchy 3rd eye when I start giving reiki to someone, and often ’see’ purple swirls in my mind… I also get a sense of a breeziness around the areas that are most injured/afflicted on a persons body…. and sometimes I hear loud (sometimes startling) ‘ping’ of what sounds like a Tingsha bell in my ear – this is what I believe to mean something spiritual is in the room, perhaps a guide is close by… and I once meditated to ask my Angel to tickle my left ear when they are around me – and if I cry my ear always tingles in a really nice way… It’s all intriguing and beautiful stuff. ~berni

In the Arab world, itchy eyebrows indicate someone from out of town coming to visit. ~rk

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