Islamic Swimwear in the U.S.A.

Where to Find Modest Swimsuits in the U.S.A.

Active Muslim women like to participate in water sports, but often feel limited by the swimsuits available. Women who observe hijab choose to wear clothing that is loose in shape and covers the entire body except for the face and hands. A growing number of retailers and specialty shops offer "Islamic swimwear" which balances modesty with safety and comfort.

The styles and colors of these swimsuits differ. Most are made of UV-resistant Lycra and/or Spandex, cover the legs and arms, and include a head cap or cover of some kind, and are cut loose in size in order to conceal the shape of the body.

Ahiida - Home of the "Burqini"

An Australian lifeguard wears the burkini, a style of Islamic swimsuit.
Matt King/Getty Images

Ahiida is an Australian company that trademarked the "Burqini" style of swimwear which is used by Muslim lifeguards at the Australian coast. The Burqini is polyester, 50+ UV protectant, water repellent, and chlorine-resistant.

They are offered in slim-fit, modest-fit, active-fit, and girls' sizes in a variety of bright colors. The style has a full body-suit along with a tunic-style overpiece with a built-in headcover. The entire outfit sells for between AUD $160-200, and about $100 for girls' sizes. The company also offers a line of sportswear.


This company was founded by a California marine biologist who wanted to continue scuba diving after she began observing hijab. SplashGear styles include swim shirts, pants, and hair covers made of chlorine-resistant and UV protectant material.

Misses and women's plus sizes are offered in a variety of mix-and-match colors and styles. Products are made and shipped from the USA, worldwide. Prices range from USD $44-50 for shirts, $50-60 for pants, and $10-15 for hair covers. Sale items are sometimes offered, but in general, a full swim outfit will cost about $100.

Ruby'Z Enterprise

Ruby'Z offers affordable, fashionable, and modest swimwear, made and exported from Singapore. Customers benefit from low overhead costs, which makes these swimsuits more affordable than others. The styles include an inner jumper, over-blouse, hood and mini-cap in a variety of colors and sizes, including girls. Prices range from $35 (girls) to $50-60 for a woman's size outfit (Singapore dollars).


The MyCozzie range of swimwear is produced in and inspired by Dubai, UAE -- an intercultural meeting place in the Middle East. The styles include a tunic-style shirt, pants, and cap. Some styles offer 3/4-length sleeves and pants, with an optional cap. The color range is bright, and all swimsuits include a color-coordinated carry bag. Prices for an outfit range from 290-420 AED (UAE Dirhams).


This company currently has one style of swimsuit, in addition to their extensive clothing line. The swimsuits are priced at $130 USD and come in black, blue, or purple.

Muslim Swimwear

This Australian company offers tighter-fitting suits in floral and solid colors, as well as a more modest fit. Price is $98 Australian dollars for a full suit outfit.


This UK company carries full-cover or semi-cover swimsuits, men's suits (to the knees), and plus sizes. Styles and colors vary. Prices for the full-cover suits range from 50-100 British Pounds. Free delivery is offered within the UK and EU, but they also ship internationally.