Is Reiki Safe for a Pregnant Woman?

Reiki and Pregnancy

Reiki During Pregnancy
Reiki During Pregnancy. (c) Joe Desy

Pregnant women and their unborn babies both can benefit from Reiki's gentle and balancing energies. The most beneficial component of using Reiki during pregnancy is that it is safe. Reiki does no harm, only good. Plus, it does not interfere with any other treatments. This makes Reiki a great choice for helping comfort a pregnant woman. Reiki's love energies heal and calm anxieties which are often associated with pregnancy and pending motherhood.

It is also okay for women to receive Reiki attunements during their pregnancy. Some women have chosen to have their babies attuned to Reiki while still in the womb prior to their births. Reiki is a gift whenever it is given or received. Reiki practitioners are taught that Reiki is everyone's birthright. Reiki is not something that is given. Rather, Reiki's inherent energies are embedded deeply inside us. Reiki healing energies are merely awakened when we are attuned.

Three Reiki and Pregnancy Stories from Our Readers

1. Special Bonding Time with Babyby Laura West

In August of 2012 my son was born. I treated myself every day (I'm a Reiki master teacher trained in two lineages) of my pregnancy with Reiki and I could feel him moving around to face my hands whenever they were in my stomach area. I felt like it was our special bonding time before he was in the world. I also felt very relaxed and had no anxiety about the upcoming birth or becoming a mother for the first time, thanks to the balancing Reiki energy. I had a wonderful pregnancy with no complications.

During my pregnancy, my husband became Reiki attuned so he could give me Reiki during my labor and delivery. As it turns out, my son was born three weeks early and weighed four pounds. He was able to stay with me in the hospital room and I never took my Reiki hands off him! The doctors were amazed at how well he thrived and progressed each day.

When we were allowed to go home we had to visit the doctor's office every couple of days for weight checks. My son was having trouble learning how to nurse so they were expecting him to gain weight slowly. But again, the doctors could not believe how rapidly my son was gaining weight and thriving. In three months he caught up to his typically developing peers in all aspects of doctor measurements (weight, head circumference, and length).

Now, almost a year later, he is a thriving, healthy baby! I continue to give him Reiki every day. Recently he has been teething and finds my Reiki hands comforting on his cheeks. I am so glad to have this healing, balancing energy to treat my son!

2. Reiki Brought Closeness to the Mums and Their Babiesby Jan Jury

I massaged and gave Reiki treatments every 2 weeks of both my daughter and my niece's pregnancies.

Whilst massaging the bubs would be moving around a bit, but as soon as I brought in the Reiki and it started flowing they would be still, my hands would tingle. I believe the Reiki calmed them more than the massage and brought a closeness to the moms and their babies.

My daughter wanted me in the delivery room with her and her fiance and I had all good intentions of being there doing Reiki on her... I couldn't cope with my daughter going through with the birth, so the nurses said it was best to leave and do Reiki Distance.

Since the birth, I have felt so close to my grandson and I still do Reiki on him (nearly 7 months now). I am sure he knows something went on between his nan and me. I don't see my niece's baby very often but when we do I feel very close too.

3. Reiki Motherhoodby Heidi Louise

As a pregnant mother-to-be, I was both a practicing Reiki healer and Reiki Master, giving an attunement whilst 5 months pregnant! (To the baby's father!!!) I qualified as a Reiki Master in August 2005 and having returned 3 months previously from Sri Lanka, where I had worked with the SOS Children's Mothers, I found out I was pregnant with my then partner John. I had been giving Reiki to local people in the 3 months before I became pregnant and continued to do so throughout. I found it was a wonderful way to comfort both myself and our unborn child before the onset of childbirth and life afterward with a new baby to look after. I know that my daughter enjoyed the occasional short burst of life energy flowing into her which I know would have added to her development within my body.

Let's not forget that even fetuses are spiritual beings and are at the beginning of a new incarnation into the world of Planet Earth, and as we know many spiritual leaders of the future i.e. crystal, indigo, flower and rainbow children are being born to understanding mothers who can help them nurture and protect these qualities. And so it was that her father decided to step onto the Reiki path during my pregnancy. I was a little concerned if it would be okay but I guessed she had chosen us as her parents, knowing who I was and so I trusted the universe and it went well. It was a magical experience to know that both myself and our daughter carried out his Reiki I attunement. I guess this will have also helped her spiritual development too without her even knowing it.

She was born later that year in September and was in no hurry to come out I can assure you. We called her Shanti Rose Louise, which means Peace in Sanskrit and having our connection to Sri Lanka, the Buddhist philosophy, the Reiki Whale Dreaming CD playing and her delivery doctor also from India, it all sat rather well. We had actually consulted our daughter whilst in my womb on her name choice and this it one of the suggestions!!! And so it was..the birth of a wonderful new being, whose name is a positive affirmation!! How magical and a wonderful energy to carry with her throughout her life.... so YES..Reiki during pregnancy can only be a good thing!!

I did not give myself any healing following the birth for a while as my body needed to ground itself due to a lack of sleep and hormone imbalance but when I felt ready which was even maybe a year later I began again on my Reiki healing path. I have since given my daughter some Reiki healing when I felt it really necessary and I know that it has been beneficial to us both throughout our pregnancy journey together.

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