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Mapping The Territory

Taoist martial arts practice at dawn (or dusk) - beautiful!.

If I were there personally to offer you a guided tour through this Taoism website, here’s the itinerary that I’d suggest:

1. Getting Oriented To Taoism’s Vast Terrain

Introduction To Taoism
In broad brush-strokes, paints a picture of Taoism’s history, world-view and practices. Start here!

Basic Concepts Of Taoism
Definitions of: Tao, Qi (Chi), Yin & Yang, Daojia & Daojiao, Five Elements, Ten-Thousand Things, Baibai, Inner Alchemy, Three Treasures, Three Dantiens, Three Purities, Bagua, Grotto-Heavens & Wholesome Earths.

A Note On Transliteration
Why is “qi” sometimes spelled “chi” and “Tao” sometimes spelled “Dao”?

Glossary Of Common Taoist (Daoist) Terms - With Pinyin & Wade-Giles Transliterations
A great resource, to print and have on hand!

Five Simple Lifestyle Recommendations
Things to do to begin embodying Taoist principles in your daily life.

Alchemy In Taoist Practice
Two kinds of “alchemy” important in Taoism’s history.

2. The Tao

Taoist Cosmology
Taoism’s story of the origin of the Universe.

Tao: The Pathless Way
What is the “tao” of Taoism?

Wu Wei
This paradoxical “action of non-action” or "non-volitional action" is one of Taoism’s central values.

Practice “Aimless Wandering” To Cultivate Wu Wei
A practice to help you cultivate Wu Wei.

3. History Of Taoism

Shamanic Origins Of Taoist Practice
Taoism’s roots in the shamanic cultures that settled along the Yellow River.

Taoism Through The Dynasties
Various lineages and streams of practice that unfolded through China’s various dynasties.

4. Qi = Life-force Energy

What Is Qi (Chi)?
To cultivate the direct experience of qi – the life-force energy that animates all of existence – is a central component of Taoist practice.

How Does Qigong Work?
An introduction to this ancient practice for harmonizing the flow of qi within (and beyond) the human body-mind.

The Meridian System
Like small rivers, the meridians carry qi through the body.

Eight Extraordinary Meridians
Even deeper reservoirs of life-force energy.

5. Ceremonial Taoism

The Taoist Altar
What are the elements of a typical Taoist altar?

Baibai – Offering Incense To The Altar
The practice of Baibai is one of the most important for Ceremonial Taoism.

Major Festivals Of Taoist Deities
Here are the holidays and festivals celebrated in most Taoist temples.

6. Internal Alchemy

The Three Treasures
The Three Treasures are energetic substances produced in the “laboratory” of the human body, via Inner Alchemy practice.

Inner Alchemy Overview
A mapping of the territory of Inner Alchemy practice.

7. Chinese Medicine

TCM vs. Five Element Approaches
Two schools of Chinese Medicine being practiced today, and how they came about.

What is acupuncture? What does it feel like to receive a treatment?

Herbal Medicine
The healing energy of plants is an important part of Chinese Medicine.

The Five Shen
Each of our internal organs has a “spirit” which defines its function within the human body.

8. Support Along The Way

The Importance Of A Teacher
Having the support of a teacher is really important - here are some of the shapes it can take in Taoist practice.

Sounds True: Books & More
An excellent source of books, CDs and DVDs offering insight and support for spiritual practice.

9. Gender & The Tao

Gender & The Tao
Men & Women, Masculine & Feminine Energy, Yin & Yang – how does it all play out within Taoist practice?

10. A Sampling Of Qigong & Taoist Meditation Practices

The Benefits Of Qigong
Lots of reasons why qigong practice is a really good thing!

The Inner Smile
One of the most well-known, powerful and delightful of qigong practices.

Walking Meditation
A beautiful way of using a common activity to deepen our connection with ourselves and all-that-is.

Standing Meditation
One of the most important and powerful of Taoist qigong practices.

“Moon On Lake” Visualization
A qigong practice used in many of China’s qigong hospitals.

“Holding Heaven In The Palm Of Your Hand” Visualization
Channel the energy of all of the stars and galaxies into your Dantian (lower abdomen).

11. Immortality

The Taoist Eight Immortals
An introduction to eight of the most revered historical/mythological Taoist adepts.

Puppetji: Are You A Puppet?
My favorite Immortal …

Compiled By Elizabeth Reninger

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