Top Illustrated Children's Books About Sikhism

Sikh Storybooks for Little Ones

Illustrated storybooks are a powerful way to teach the values and principles of Sikhism to children and adults alike in an enjoyable and engaging medium. Illustrations and stories reach across cultural, gender and generation boundaries to open avenues of dialogue between parents and children as well as teachers and students promoting discussion and exploration. You won't want to be without these must-have books in your home and school libraries.

"My First Sikh Books" by Parveen Kaur Dhillon

My First Sikh Books Set
My First Sikh Books Set. Photo © S Khalsa

Delightful illustrations on paperboard pages introduce infants, toddlers and young readers to Sikh faith and values in the boxed set My First Sikh Books featuring:

  • My First Singh Book
  • My First Kaur Book

The set includes two coloring books and a glossary fact sheet.

Presented by Author Parveen Kaur Dhillon and Illustrator Brian C. Krumm. Offered by Logharh Sikh Educational Foundation of San Jose, California, USA, 2011, Printed in China. ISBN 978-0-9822446-0-9.

"A Lion's Mane" by Navjot Kaur Illustrated by Jaspreet Sandhu

A Lion's Mane Front Book Cover
A Lion's Mane Front Book Cover. Photo © [Courtesy Saffron Press]

"I have a lion's mane and I am different, just like you. Do you know who I am?" sets the tone for Navjot Kaur's charming and colorful comparison of cultures, A Lion's Mane. Follow the winding red dastar (turban) on a journey through time and place to discover the qualities deeply inherent in "what covers my mane." Children of all colors and walks of life depicted by Jaspreet Sandhu's animated illustrations provide an opportunity for self-appreciation while presenting tools for building bridges between communities and reminding kids that despite their differences, they are all pretty much the same.

Offered by Saffron Press, Printed & Bound in Canada by Green Printer Ltd, 2009, ISBN 978-0-9812412-0-3.

"Dear Takuya (Letters of a Sikh Boy)" by Jessi Kaur

Cover Illustration of Dear Takuya (Letters of a Sikh Boy) by Jessi Kaur
Cover Illustration of Dear Takuya (Letters of a Sikh Boy) by Jessi Kaur. Photo © [Courtesy IIGS Inc.]

Endearing letters of a young Sikh boy written to his Japanese pen pal, Takuya, provide the ambiance for Jessi Kaur's delightful presentation of Sikhism from the perspective of a child in Dear Takuya. The high quality of flawless writing and Brian Johnston’s eye-catching illustrations are an unbeatable combination in this delightful and heartwarming story offering glimpses of Sikh life. Educational as well as entertaining, its universal appeal makes Dear Takuya a must have for all home and school libraries around the world that you won't want to be without.

Offered by International Institue of Gurmat Studies, printed by Sir Speedy Printing, Tustin, CA USA, 2008, ISBN 978-0-615-20852-7.

"The Royal Falcon" by Jessi Kaur

The Royal Falcon Cover Illustration
The Royal Falcon Cover Illustration. Photo © [Courtesy IIGS Inc.]

From the modern-day school room setting to the ancient court of the Guru, your imagination will soar when you fly with Guru Gobind Singh's falcon Khushi, in Jessi Kaur's The Royal Falcon. His interaction with the imaginary falcon encourages Arjan to grapple with tough questions of ethics, apply what he learns to his situation, and arrive at a positive resolution to his dilemma. Be prepared to confront the directives of your own inner avenues as you journey with Khushi to navigate a Sikh boy Ajran's subconscious while he struggles to do the right thing in the wrong situation.

Offered by International Institute of Gurmat Studies, printed by Sir Speedy Printing, Tustin, CA USA, 2008, ISBN 978-1-61658-155-8

"Journey With the Gurus" by Inni Kaur Illustrated by Pardeep Singh

Journey With the Gurus Cover Art
Journey With the Gurus Cover Art. Photo © [Courtesy Inni Kaur and Pardeep Singh]

The Guru Nanak storybook series is a must-have collection created for the connoisseur by Author Inni Kaur, Illustrator Pardeep Singh, and Editor Manjyot Kaur. Richly colored illustrative literature appeals to the entire family. Simple enough for children and thought-provoking enough for adults, complete with discussion points and a glossary on embossed pages with a keepsake binding to treasure for generations. Journey With the Gurus Offered by Sikh Education & Cultural Foundation, Inc, Norwalk, CT:

  • Volume One - features the spiritual exploration and childhood adventures of Guru Nanak and his sister Bebe Nanaki as they grow and mature into the light. Copyright 2010, ISBN 978-0-9812412.
  • Volume Two - presents the early mission dispel the darkness of superstition and religious ritual as Guru Nanak and Bhai Mardana begin their ministry in a series of journeys that take them throughout India. Copyright 2012. ISBN 978-0-9827224-1-1
  • Volume Three - introduces the concept of Ik Onkar, a creator who is one with all of creation, taught by Guru Nanak in encounters with Hindu Yogis and Muslim Pirs as he journeys to Sri Lanka accompanied by Bhai Mardana, Bahi Saido and Bhai Gheho. Copyright 2014. ISBN 978-0-9827224-2-8

"The Boy With Long Hair" by Pushpinder Singh

Boy With Long Hair Coloring Story Book Cover
"Boy With Long Hair" Coloring Story Book Cover. Photo © [Courtesy The Sikh Foundation]

"Why is the boy crying?" is the question elicited by the illustration on the first page of the California Department of Education approved coloring storybook titled, The Boy With Long Hair. Whether colored in the classroom, or at home, children of all ages learn about the long hair and turbans worn by Sikhs along with valuable lessons about compassion and the similarities between all children everywhere.

Top Comic Books Featuring Sikh Heroes and Martyrs

Sikh Comics
Sikh Comics. Photo © [S Khalsa]

Amazing artwork coupled with authentic tales told in flawless English come together to illustrate Sikh history's illustrious gurus and martyrs on the glossy pages of 2011 releases by Sikh Comics. Everyone in the family will want to read these comic books:

  • Guru Tegh Bahadur the Ninth Sikh Guru by Sikh Comics: Review
  • Baba Deep Singh The Great Sikh Martyr and Scholar by Sikh Comics: Review

Prem Singh's Day

Prem Singh's Day Cover
Prem Singh's Day Cover. Photo © [S Khalsa]

Prem Singh starts his day before dawn, bathes, meditates, and does daily prayers before breakfast. Colorful illustrations portray the three golden rules of Sikhism in simple language that your wee ones will love. Little readers will enjoy exploring the pages of Prem Singh's Day written by Manjot Singh for his own tiny daughters.

Presented In both English and Punjabi script by Khalis Foundation Copyright © 2013 IBSN: 1-940943-01-2 and IBSN-13: 978-1-940942-01-8

Good Night Guru

Goodnight Guru Cover
Goodnight Guru Cover. Photo © [S Khalsa]

Don't be surprised at what your children learn when you lull your little ones to sleep with the bedtime story Good Night Guru by Manjot Singh. Say "Good Night" to the gurus, golden gurdwaras, and illustrious martyrs of Sikh history in this bedtime story presentation of Ardas.

Presented In both English and Punjabi script by Khalis Foundation Copyright © 2013 IBSN: 1940942020 and IBSN-13: 978-1-940942-02-5

DIY Baby's First Prayerbook With Sikhism Theme Illustrated Instructions

DIY Baby's First Prayerbook
DIY Baby's First Prayerbook. Photo © [S Khalsa]

A baby prayerbook with Sikhism themes is a great way to introduce your infant or toddler to a hands-on experience of learning about Sikhism. Looking at the prayerbook regularly helps to prepare baby for reading Nitnem, required prayers, in later life. As baby grows and learns to recognize Sikhism symbols, he or she will enjoy looking at the prayerbook quietly during services with siblings or other youngsters. Easy to make even if you are new to sewing. Baby is new to the world and will love this prayerbook that you make yourself.

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