Icon For Hire

Icon For Hire
Icon For Hire. Tooth & Nail Records

Icon For Hire Formed:

The band was formed in 2007 in Decatur, Illinois.

Icon For Hire Members:

  • Ariel Bloomer - Vocals
  • Shawn Jump - Guitar

Former Members:

  • Adam Kronshagen - Drums
  • Josh Kincheloe - Bass

The Early Days:

Born in Sweden, Icon For Hire's lead singer Ariel Bloomer and her family moved to Minneapolis when she was six years old. Ten years later, the family moved to Decatur, Illinois and it was there that she met Shawn Jump and they started writing music together. Adam, an old friend of Shawn's, joined them on drums and Icon For Hire was born.

After three years of touring extensively throughout the midwest, building up a following, the band was signed by Tooth & Nail Records, releasing their debut album in August of 2011.

Is Icon For Hire a Christian Band?

Since the band signed with Tooth & Nail, a Christian record label, it is easy for people to label them as a "Christian band." This label is something that Ariel has addressed time and time again. If you're looking to use the term to put them into a nice and safe box, limited to only a Christian audience, then no, they're not a "Christian band," but they are followers of Jesus.

In an interview on shatterproofglassdolls.com, Ariel answered the question by saying, "It is so important to us to be out in culture, impacting it, instead of hiding where it's safe or comfortable. Playing churches is easy – they treat you well, pay you more, and there's usually a guaranteed crowd. But we know where we belong – in the dirty pubs and the run down venues in the middle of nowhere, because that’s where we'll be able to do the most damage, so to speak."

Indievisionmusic.com quotes her as saying, "We don't understand why we would want to limit our audience to only Christians, because we feel like as a band and as people, we have a lot to offer, though none of it involves an altar call or salvation prayer. I myself am trying to follow Jesus and do what He commanded, but I don't incorporate Christian themes in the lyrics and I don't talk about Him on stage."

Having listened to their album more than a few times, I can say without doubt that while there may not be any Christian "themes" in the lyrics, they are obviously written by someone who follows Jesus and, just like the rest of us, has been known to stumble along the way.

A New Start:

In June of 2015, the band released a video explaining that the record deal was a mistake of youth. The music became about the money, not about the truth. Arial explains that even trying to play the game meant still not being able to pay the rent. The band got out of the contract and decided to put their future in the hands of fans by self-releasing.

Icon For Hire Discography:

  • Icon For Hire, 2013 
  • Scripted, 2011
  • The Grey EP, 2009 (independent)
  • Icon For Hire EP, 2008 (independent)

Icon For Hire Starter Songs:

  • "Only a Memory" 
  • "Theatre" 
  • "Off With Her Head" 

Icon For Hire Music Videos:

Icon For Hire Facts:

  • The band has an app for both iPhone and DROID users.
  • Scripted broke the record for albums sold during a street week for a Tooth & Nail new artist, selling over 4,300 units and hitting #1 on the Soundscan Christian Rock chart, #7 on the Christian overall chart and debuting in the Top 100 on the Billboard Top 200.
  • Ariel makes her own clothes and sells her creations through an etsy shop

Icon For Hire News:

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