Recognizing Archangel Raziel

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Archangel Raziel is known as the angel of mysteries because God reveals holy secrets to him, believers say. If Raziel visits you, he likely has some new spiritual insights or creative ideas to deliver to you.

Extrasensory Perception

One of the key signs of Raziel's presence is an increased ability to perceive information outside of your physical senses. Since Raziel delights in revealing the universe's mysteries to people, you may notice that your extrasensory perception (ESP) grows stronger when Raziel visits you, say believers.

In their book, The Angels of Atlantis: Twelve Mighty Forces to Transform Your Life Forever, Stewart Pearce and Richard Crookes write:

"When we bring Raziel into our lives through gentle praise and petition, when we are present to the magical sensitivity of this angel, we also begin to feel the power of the mysteries seeping through us. They quicken our lives, creating extrasensory sensitivity, and a revivification of our psychic gifts. Thereby, telepathy, remote viewing, awareness of the elemental forms of life, observation of the air and land contours created by the key lines of the planetary matrix, and awareness of the melding nature of the space-time continuum begin to occur."

Author Doreen Virtue writes in her book, Angels 101: An Introduction to Connecting, Working, and Healing with the Angels, that Raziel "heals spiritual and psychic blocks and helps us with dream interpretations and past life memories."

Raziel's messages through ESP may come to you in a variety of different ways, depending on which of your physical senses he communicates with spiritually. Sometimes Raziel sends images through the type of ESP called clairvoyance, which involves seeing visions in your mind. Raziel may also communicate with you through clairaudience, in which you'll hear his message in an audible way. This means receiving knowledge through sounds that come from beyond the physical realm. Other ways you may sense Raziel's messages through ESP are clairalience (receiving spiritual information through your physical sense of smell), clairgustance (tasting something even though it's not coming from a physical source), and clairsentience (which involves either perceiving spiritual information through your physical sense of touch, or receiving knowledge by feeling the emotion of it in your body).

Deeper Faith

One of Raziel's signature signs is an experience that involves a deepening of your faith. God often sends Raziel on missions to reveal something about himself that significantly strengthens faith.

Pearce and Crookes write about Raziel in The Angels of Atlantis:

"This wonderful angel quells all doubt, for Raziel is enraptured by the very font of God's creation, and asks us to pledge that all experience be derived from belief in the sacred mysteries. This ensures God consciousness within us, for Raziel oversees the secret chamber of our heart, knowing that when we choose to enter the magic of life, the veils of illusion are parted, and what is revealed defies the rational mind ...".

The mysteries that Raziel reveals will pique your curiosity to learn more about God -- the source of all knowledge -- by developing a closer relationship with God.

Greater Creativity

A sudden surge of creativity may also be a sign that Raziel is inspiring you, say believers. Raziel delights in sending fresh, innovative ideas that reflect a new understanding of something that had previously been a mystery to you.

In his book Praying with the Angels, Richard Webster writes:

"You should contact Raziel whenever you need answers to imponderable questions. Raziel particularly enjoys helping original thinkers develop their ideas."

Susan Gregg writes in her book, The Complete Encyclopedia of Angels, that

"Raziel will help you come up with great ideas. Raziel is the patron of secret wisdom and divine knowledge, and the guardian of originality and pure thought."

Whether you need help solving a problem or expressing an idea for a project, Raziel can help--and he often will, if you pray for his assistance.

Rainbow Light

You may see rainbow colored light appear nearby when Raziel visits you, because his electromagnetic energy corresponds to the rainbow frequency on angel light rays.

Virtue says in Angels 101 that Raziel has a rainbow-colored aura, and Gregg says in Encyclopedia of Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters that Raziel's whole presence is a colorful one:

"A beautiful yellow aura emanates from his tall form. He has large, light blue wings, and wears a robe of a magical gray material that looks like swirling liquid."
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