Possible Signs of the Angel Raguel's Presence

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Archangel Raguel is known as the angel of justice and harmony. He works for God's will to be done among people, and also among his fellow angels and archangels. Raguel wants you to experience the best life possible—the life God wants for you. Here are some signs of Raguel's presence when he is nearby:

Archangel Raguel Helps Bring Justice to Unjust Situations

Since Raguel is very concerned about justice, he often delivers strength to people who are working to fight injustice. If you notice answers to your prayers about unjust situations—whether in your own life or the lives of other people—Raguel may be at work around you, believers say.

In her book Soul Angels, Jenny Smedley writes that Raguel "is said to dispense judgment and justice should the other angels not be able to agree on a fair course of action. Raguel is also the angel to pray to if you feel that no one else will listen and that you’re being treated unfairly, either at work or in the home."

Raguel may communicate with you by guiding you to direct your anger at injustice toward coming up with constructive solutions to unjust situations you encounter personally. Another way that Raguel may help bring justice to unjust situations in your life is by helping you overcome apathy about those situations and urging you to take action to do what's right whenever you can. So if you notice wake-up calls to do something about problems like dishonesty, oppression, gossip, or slander, be aware that it may be Raguel who is bringing those problems to your attention.

When it comes to dealing with unjust situations in the world around you—such as crime, poverty, human rights, and taking care of the earth's environment—Raguel may lead you to get involved in certain causes to become a force for justice in the world, doing your part to help make it a better place.

Archangel Raguel's Role in New Ideas for Creating Order

If some new ideas for creating order in your life come into your mind, Raguel may be delivering them, say, believers.

Raguel is a leader within the group of angels known as principalities. The principalities are famous for helping people create order in their lives, such as by inspiring them to practice spiritual disciplines on a regular basis so they can develop habits that will help them grow closer to God. Some of those disciplines include prayingmeditatingreading sacred texts, attending worship services, spending time in nature, and serving people in need.

Principality angels such as Raguel also give people who are in charge of others (such as government leaders) wisdom to know how to organize their programs best. So if you're a leader within your sphere of influence (such as a parent raising children or a team leader at your job or in your volunteer work), Raguel may send you messages containing fresh ideas for how to lead well.

Raguel may communicate with you in a variety of different ways—from speaking to you or sending you a vision in a dream, to sending you creative thoughts while you're awake.

Archangel Raguel's Guidance for Repairing Relationships

Another sign of Raguel's presence in your life is receiving guidance about how to repair a broken or estranged relationship.

Doreen Virtue writes in her book Archangels 101: "Archangel Raguel brings harmony to all relationships, including those of friendship, romance, family, and business. Sometimes he’ll instantly heal the relationship, and other times he’ll send intuitive guidance to you. You’ll recognize this guidance as repetitive gut feelings, thoughts, visions, or signs that lead you to take healthful action steps in your relationships."

If you get help resolving conflicts in your relationships with other people, especially if you'd prayed for that help, Raguel is one of the angels whom God may assign to provide that help to you.

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