How to Recognize Archangel Phanuel

The Angel Phanuel
The painting "Bust of an Angel" by Filippino Lippi.

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Archangel Phanuel is known as the angel of repentance and hope because he's passionate about helping people break free of sin that has entrapped them and discover the hope that God offers them. If he visits you, the angel Phanuel can help you turn away from the destruction that sin brings into your life and lead you toward the faithful, blessed life that God wants you to enjoy. Here are some signs of Phanuel's presence when he is communicating with you:

An Urge to Repent

If you feel the need to repent of a particular sin to God, Phanuel may be trying to get your attention, believers say. The ancient Books of Enoch identify Phanuel as "the holy angel who is in charge of those who repent unto eternal life." Phanuel serves in the blue angel light ray under the direction of Archangel Michael, who leads the blue ray angels to fight evil with the power of good.

A Sense of Hope

Phanuel's hallmark sign is the sense of hope that he gives people, say, believers. In her book Angel Sense, Belinda Joubert writes: "Phanuel is close when you have hope and certainty that you will find the best possible outcome to your problem. ... The key to igniting the power of hope is through the deep feeling of trust and the belief that good will prevail. Phanuel helps us to attract this power of trust and foresight within us. ... Embrace hope with foresight, faithfulness, and confidence. Trust in God and his power that has brought you where you are and know that he will never fail or forsake you."

Kimberly Marooney writes in The Angel Blessings Kit, Revised Edition: Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration that: "Phanuel is the angel of hope and holds the devil in his power. Hope is a feeling of trust and a desire for good, accompanied by the assumption that what you desire is attainable. It is a pathway to God and opens you to receive guidance and divine inspiration. When hope is combined synergistically with faith, it becomes a powerful force for change."

Bright Light Suddenly Overtaking Your Surroundings

If you experience a sudden increase in the amount of light around you, it may mean that Phanuel is nearby, believers say. Claire Nahmad writes in her book Make Your Own Angel Blessing Scrolls: Inspiration for gifts of Healing, Hope and Joy: "When a dull landscape, lifeless and featureless, suddenly lights up with the golden radiance of the sun and is filled with an instant beauty that gladdens the heart, Phanuel is drawing close the earth planes. What we see in outward expression is the joy and the beauty that Phanuel can bring to our lives....".

An Image of a Budding Flower

When Phanuel is nearby, you may visualize an image of a budding flower in your mind or see an actual one when you're outside, believers say. Joubert writes in Angel Sense that a budding flower "is a sign of blessing and represents new life and hope unfolding to blossom."

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