How to Recognize Archangel Metatron

Signs of the Angel Metatron's Presence

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Metatron is a powerful angel who teaches people how to use their spiritual power for good while he records their choices in the universe's great archive (known either as God's book of life or the Akashic record).

Some believers say that Metatron is one of only two angels (the other is Archangel Sandalphon) who was first a human being. It is believed he was the prophet Enoch from the Torah and the Bible before ascending to heaven and becoming an angel. Metatron's experience living on Earth as a person gives him a special ability to relate to people who want to connect with him. Here are some signs of Metatron's presence:

Flashes of Brilliant Light

You may see bright flashes of light whenever Metatron is visiting you, believers say, because he has a fiery presence that may manifest in the form of a crystalline body or colorful aura.

In their book, "Gnostic Healing: Revealing the Hidden Power of God," authors Tau Malachi and Siobhan Houston suggest meditating and then envisioning Metatron appearing as a "crystalline light-body complete with the seven interior stars and the three channels, and the spiritual sun in the heart." They continue: "Take up the chant Sar Ha-Olam, and envision a ray of light shooting up through the central channel from the spiritual sun in your heart and appearing as a holy star of white brilliance above your head. With the chant Torahkiel Yahweh, imagine that this star magically transforms into the image of Archangel Metatron."

Author Doreen Virtue writes in her book , "Archangels 101," that Metatron's aura is "deep pink and dark green" and that Metatron often uses a brilliantly lit cube (known as "Metatron's Cube" in sacred geometry because it's reminiscent of Ezekiel's chariot that the Torah and the Bible describe as made of angels and powered by flashes of light). Metatron uses that cube to heal people of unhealthy energies that they want to clear out of their lives. Virtue writes, "The cube spins clockwise and uses centrifugal force to push away unwanted energy residue. You can call upon Metatron and his healing cube to clear you."

Archangel Metatron Urges You to Change Your Thoughts

Whenever you sense an urge to replace a negative thought with a positive one, that urge may be a sign from Metatron, say believers. Metatron is especially concerned about how people think because his work keeping the universe's records constantly shows him how people's negative thoughts lead to unhealthy choices while people's positive thoughts lead to healthy decisions.

In her book, "AngelSense," Belinda Joubert writes that Metatron often urges people to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts: "Metatron assists you in choosing your thoughts carefully. Always try to be the master of your thoughts instead of a slave to your thoughts. When you are the master, you are in charge, meaning you are motivated, focused, and inspired with positive thoughts."

Rose VanDen Eynden suggests in her book, "Metatron: Invoking the Angel of God's Presence," that readers use physical tools (such as a quartz crystal or a yellow or gold candle) in meditation to call upon Metatron as a "pillar of light." She writes that Metatron will help you "rid yourself of all energies that do not serve your own higher good or the will of the Creator." She continues: "Now, as you stand enveloped in the Archangel's fiery presence, you feel the intense healing of his nature enter your mind. All negative thoughts are instantly wiped from your consciousness and replaced with the burning passion of love. This is love for all things, all creatures, love for yourself and for all of Creator's magnificent beings."

A Strong Fragrance

Another way that Metatron may choose to get your attention is through a strong fragrance around you. Joubert writes in "AngelSense." "When you get an unusual smell of strong herbs and spices like chilies or peppercorns, it is a sign from Metatron."

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