How to Recognize Archangel Jehudiel

Signs of Jehudiel, Angel of Work

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Archangel Jehudiel (who is also called Jegudiel) is known as the angel of work. He often guides and encourages people who pray for his help starting a new project, looking for a new job, or seeking inspiration in their current work. Jehudiel especially focuses on helping people who want to serve God through their work, whatever their profession may be. Is Jehudiel trying to communicate with you? Here are some signs of Jehudiel's presence when he is nearby:

A Sense of Confidence

If you gain a fresh sense of confidence as you're preparing to take a risk or start a new task that's related to your work, it may be a sign that Jehudiel has delivered that newfound ​confidence to you, believers say.

Jehudiel "is a powerful leader who can help you build your self-esteem and confidence so you can find work that you are passionate about," writes Karen Paolino in her book The Everything Guide to Angels: Discover the Wisdom and Healing Power of the Angelic Kingdom. "He will lead you in the direction of success and he will make it easy for you to follow the path of your true desires."

In her book Encyclopedia of Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters: A Guide to 200 Celestial Beings to Help, Heal, and Assist You in Everyday Life, Susan Gregg writes:

"Jehudiel is a powerful leader who can heal envy and help people develop self-esteem. His lilting voice will remind you of how wonderful you truly are. He sees only God's perfection in each person and in every situation and will help you do the same."

Jehudiel will teach you how to see yourself from God's perspective: as someone who is loved completely and unconditionally just as you are, as well as someone whom God has called to contribute to the world in unique and important ways. While giving you confidence that your identity is in who you are (one of God's beloved children) rather than in what you do, Jehudiel will also empower you to do your best work on the job.

Guidance for Success

Jehudiel will lead you to succeed in your work, and also in life overall, by leading you closer to God and helping you discover and fulfill God's purposes for your life. He will give you step-by-step guidance to help you succeed in your career or volunteer work--especially after you pray or meditate for spiritual guidance.

In his book Encyclopedia of Angels, Richard Webster writes: "The Archangel Jegudiel helps anyone who is attempting to form a closer relationship with God. He provides opportunities for people who are honest, sincere, and prepared to work hard to achieve worthwhile spiritual goals."

"Archangel Jehudiel helps with direction and getting a great job. Jehudiel is the archangel of divine direction," writes Paolino in The Everything Guide to Angels.

In Encyclopedia of Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters, Gregg writes: "'As the caretaker of spring, he is excellent with new beginnings. So if you are thinking about starting a new project, call upon him. He will guide you to success, making the process easy and enjoyable."

Seeing Purple Around You

Since Jehudiel's energy corresponds to the purple angel light ray, believers say that people may see purple nearby when Jehudiel is trying to communicate with them.

"Deep purple is his color and lilacs are his flower," writes Gregg in Encyclopedia of Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters. "When he is around, you are apt to see flashes of deep indigo or smell the luscious scent of freshly picked lilacs."

Angels like Jehudiel who work within the purple light ray work on missions that relate to mercy and transformation. So if you see purple light around you--especially after you've been praying for help about a work-related topic--it may be that Jehudiel is responding to that prayer in a way that will help you experience God's mercy and change your life for the better.


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