How to Recognize Archangel Ariel

Signs of the Angel Ariel's Presence

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Archangel Ariel is known as the angel of nature. She oversees the protection and healing of animals and plants on Earth and also supervises the care of natural elements such as water and wind. Ariel inspires human beings to take good care of planet Earth.

Beyond her role overseeing nature, Ariel also encourages people to live up to God's full potential for them by discovering and fulfilling God's purposes for their lives. Is Ariel trying to communicate with you? Here are some signs of Ariel's presence when she is nearby:

Ariel's Sign - Inspiration from Nature

Ariel's signature sign is using nature to inspire people, believers say. Such inspiration often motivates people to answer God's call to take good care of the natural environment.

In her book "The Angel Blessings Kit, Revised Edition: Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration," Kimberly Marooney writes: "Ariel is a powerful angel of nature. ... When you can recognize and appreciate the life within the soil, shrubs, flowers, trees, rocks, breezes, mountains, and seas, you will open the door to the observation and acceptance of these blessed ones. Ask Ariel to take you far back into the forgotten memory of your origin. Help the Earth by recognizing and developing your ability to work with nature."

Veronique Jarry writes in her book "Who Is Your Guardian Angel?" that Ariel "reveals the most important secrets of nature. He shows hidden treasures."

Ariel "is patron of all the wild animals, and in this guise, supervises the realm of the nature spirits, such as fairies, elves, and leprechauns, which are also known as nature angels," writes Jean Barker in her book "The Angel Whispered." "Ariel and her earth angels can help us understand the natural rhythms of the earth and to experience the magical healing properties of rocks, trees, and plants. She also works to help heal and look after all animals, especially those who live in water."

Barker adds that Ariel sometimes communicates with people by using her namesake animal: a lion (since "Ariel" means "lion of God"). "If you see images or feel lions or lionesses near you," writes Barker, "this is a sign she is with you."

Archangel Ariel Can Help You Reach Your Full Potential

God has also charged Ariel with the task of helping people reach their full potential in life. When Ariel is working to help you be all you can be, she may reveal more about God's purposes for your life or assist you with setting goals, overcoming obstacles, and achieving what's best for you, say believers.

Ariel helps people "to dig out what is best within themselves, and in others as well," writes Jarry in "Who Is Your Guardian Angel?" "He wants his protégés to have a strong and subtle mind. They will have great ideas and bright thoughts. They are very perceptive, and their senses will be very sharp. They will be able to discover new ways or have innovative ideas. These discoveries can lead to following a new path in their lives, or creating great changes in their lives."

In his book "Encyclopedia of Angels," Richard Webster writes that Ariel "helps people set goals and achieve their ambitions."

Ariel can help you make a wide variety of different types of discoveries, including: "revelatory perception, psychic abilities, discovery of hidden treasures, discovery of nature's secrets, acknowledgement, gratitude, subtlety, discretion, bearer of new ideas, inventor, revelatory dreams and meditations, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, [and] discovery of philosophical secrets that lead to the reorientation of one's life," write Kaya and Christiane Muller in their book "The Book of Angels: Dreams, Signs, Meditation: The Hidden Secrets."

In his book "The Angel Whisperer: Incredible Stories of Hope and Love from the Angels" Kyle Gray calls Ariel "a courageous angel who helps us to overcome any fears or worries in our path."

Barker writes in "The Angel Whispered:" "If you need courage or confidence with any situation or assistance with standing up for your beliefs, call upon Ariel, who will then gently but firmly guide you to be courageous and stand up for your convictions."

Pink Light

Seeing pink light nearby may also alert you to Ariel's presence because her energy corresponds mostly to the pink light ray in the system of angel colors, believers say. A key crystal that vibrates at that same energy frequency is rose quartz, which people sometimes use as a tool in prayer to communicate with God and Ariel.

In "The Angel Whispered," Barker writes: "Ariel’s aura is a pale shade of pink and her gemstone/crystal is pink quartz. Ask her for what you need and she will guide you. However, remember to put aside your earthly expectations, as they only serve to limit what Ariel is able to bring into your life."

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