How to Make Your Own Spell Box

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A spell box is an item used in some magical traditions to hold and encapsulate the contents of a spell — from herbs to stones to the magic itself. The theory behind the use of a spell box is that all the magic is contained in one place, and thus will never diminish. The box, once filled and enchanted, can then be used in a number of ways — it can be buried, hidden in a home, or given as a gift. The construction method for a spell box will vary based upon what sort of container you have available, and the contents will change depending upon the purpose of the spell itself. This is a very simple method of creating a magical working.

Use the following examples as a template, and change the individual items as needed, based upon the intent of your working.

Things You Will Need

  • A small box or container (jars work beautifully as well)
  • Spell components based on your need — herbsstones, a magical link to another person

Assemble the Spell Box

Place all the items in the container, and then close the box. If you use a jar with a lid, screw it on tightly. For boxes with loose fitting lids, you may even want to glue or tape the lid in place.

Once the box is sealed, if there is any incantation or other magical work you need to add to the spell, do so now.

Depending on the purpose of the spell, you may choose to leave the spell box in your home, bury it nearby, give it to someone else, or even get rid of it completely.

Sample Spell Boxes

  • Healing: dandelion, agate, bloodstone, hematite, birch wood, willow branches
  • Love: rose quartz, apple blossom, hibiscus, jade, cinnamon, rosemary, small heart-shaped items
  • Prosperity: bits of paper money or coins, green or gold paper, lodestone, Buckeyes, goldenseal, pennyroyal
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